Palia: Fairy Carp – How to Catch Fairy Carp

It may not be a fairy, but it’s good enough.

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Part of the appeal of Palia is that valuable items are pretty much everywhere. There’s no intense laboring needed to get something that’s valuable to one character or money to another: they’re all over the place. Whether it be a glowing mushroom you find in your backyard or a rare fish in the water, there’s always something new to discover in Palia.

Hunting down fish, whether they be for a robot romance or your collection, is an important aspect of the game. In this article, we’ll be showing how to catch the pretty Fairy Carp in Palia.

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How to Catch Fairy Carp in Palia

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There are plenty of fish in the sea, or in this case, the rivers and lakes in Palia. Whether you need something to cook up into fish stew or solve a quest, you can find most fish pretty easily with the right tools on hand. Any old fish can turn over Gold, but specific ones can help improve a lot of aspects of the game, like quests or romancing. The Fairy Carp in particular is pretty and helpful, selling for over 100 Gold even without needing to be a 5-star fish. If it is a 5-star catch though, you can expect a turnover of over 200 Gold a pop.

If you want to find a Fairy Carp in Palia, here are some of the places you should be throwing your line:

  • The lake west of Leafhopper Hills.
  • The lake near Hodari’s House.
  • The Mirror Pond Ruins

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Tips for Catching the Fairy Carp in Palia

The Fairy Carp is a relatively rare fish in Palia. So if you simply drop a line with the first fishing rod that you get in the game and no worms, you may as well be fishing in a completely different spot. While you may get one eventually, that’s no way to reliably fish up some pretty Fairy Carp. Instead, consider upgrading your fishing rod as much as you can while either buying Worms from the store or getting some from your own Worm Farm. While fishing, keep in mind the time of day, since Fairy Carp only spawn in the morning and the evening.