Palia: How to Find and Mine Palium Ore

Not diamonds, but close enough.

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When it comes to mining, in any game really, there’s always going to be an astoundingly rare element. In Palia’s case, that’s Palium. Despite the rareness though, that hasn’t stopped the game from making it necessary for a ton of crafting recipes. So where are you gonna reliably find one of the rarest things in the game? Getting five to make a bar of the stuff can be a challenging quest, but with our guide below on how to find Palium in Palia, you’ll be set.

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How to Find Palium Ore

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There are more than a few ways to track down Palium Ore. The first is by spotting it out of the blue. Palium Ore is easily identifiable, what with the blue crystals sticking out and everything. Unlike Copper or anything else that shines within stone, Palium Ore has a blue-purple glow to it that you can spot from anywhere. So there’s no need to go smashing random rocks in the hope you’ll find some.

Instead, if you’re on the hunt for Palium, search around any nodes you see throughout Bahari Bay. Some other locations you may want to investigate to mine up some Palium Ore include the Pavel Mines, the cliffs around Flooded Fortress, the geysers of Windy Ruins, and the cave in Hideaway Bluffs. I’ve found that any cave areas or locations near the geysers are great places for finding Palium Ore.

Other Ways to Find Palium Ore

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If you want to be a tad more adventuresome about finding your Ore, keep an eye on the public chat from time to time. Players may announce where Palium Ore, or even Flow Trees are. If you can meet up with them, you can share in on the loot.

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Another way you can track down Palium Ore is by building yourself an Ore Compass. This item helps detect rare mining ore for about 15 minutes. You’ll need to be at least level 8 in Mining to unlock the recipe, and the fee to even purchase the recipe is a little steep, but once you have it, it’ll change your way of hunting down Ore forever. To build an Ore Compass once you have all the legwork done, you’ll need the following:

  • Iron Bar x1
  • Silver Bar x1
  • Stone Brick x5

The trick to making the most of your compass is by going to areas where you know good ore might spawn. That way, if it directs you, you’ll already be in an area with a high likelihood of success. Once you’ve gotten your first taste of Palium Ore, from then on you can request it from other players.