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Best farm layouts for Palia
Screenshot by Gamepur

Palia Gardening – All Crops, Buffs, Fertilizers & Best Gardening Patterns

Gardening in Palia isn't easy; that's why this guide covers all crops, crop boosts, crop quality, fertilizer and the best gardening patterns.

In Palia’s garden paradise, your virtual green thumb thrives while in-game pockets burgeon. While many farming games share a common structure, Palia’s extensive gardening mechanics set it apart. It’s not just about tilling, seeding, and rushing to impress Einar; here, crop bonuses, growth ticks, fertilizers, and quality bring a whole new level of complexity.

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Palia: Gardening, Explained – Soil, Seeds, Growth Time, Quality & Seeds Machines

Gardening Tips and Tricks Palia
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How to Get Soil and Seeds in Palia

Planting requires soil. Soil costs range from 250 to 3000 coins, but snag the first two through Badruu’s quest. 

Once set with soil, grab seeds at the Kilima village General Store. Keep in mind that planting requires precision. Once those seeds are in the Palia garden, there’s no turning back. So aim and click carefully.

Crops Growth Time & Cycles in Palia

Crop Growth is on a daily cycle, starting at 6 AM in-game time. Keep an eye on the clock for plants to flourish.

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Different crops have different growth times. Tomatoes, blueberries, and apples have their own rhythm. For example, tomatoes can be harvested after four days, then twice more with two-day intervals before vanishing. Blueberries, however, have a nine-day cycle followed by every three days for 18 days. Apples are in it for the long haul, lasting 30 in-game days (hours).

Seed Quality and Crop Quality in Palia

Quality seeds are the secret to superb produce in Palia. Average rice seeds cost 11 coins each, but quality ones cost 16. Quality seeds yield quality produce, with success linked to your gardening level. 

How Seed Machines Work in Palia

As gardening skills level up, the Seed Collectors are unlocked. Drop two quality tomatoes in, and in 42 minutes, they will be converted to regular or quality seeds. These can be sold or planted, allowing players to grind profit, and grow more crops, depending on what they need.

Palia: All Crops and Crop Buffs

All Crops and Crop Boosts Palia
Screenshot by Gamepur
AppearanceCropCrop BonusGrowth Time
Apple Grow Speed Increase 12 days 
Blueberry Grow Speed Increase 9 days 
Carrot Weed Block 3 days 
Cotton Increased Star Quality Chance 5 days 
Onion Weed Block 4 days 
Potato Water Retain 5 days 
Rice Increased Yield Amount 3 days 
Tomato Water Retain 4 days 
Wheat Increased Yield Amount 4 days 

Palia: All Palia Fertilizers, Ranked

best and worst fertilizers palia
Screenshot by Gamepur

When it comes to fertilizers in Palia, optimizing a gardening strategy can significantly impact yield and profits. Here’s a ranking of the available gardening fertilizers in Palia.

  1. Harvest Yield Fertilizer: The cream of the crop. Boosts are produced by one additional item. Always worth using for maximizing profits. However, it doesn’t stack with partner plants’ harvest yield.
  2. Weed Block Fertilizer: As the name suggests, it prevents weeds. Useful if you’re away for an extended period. 
  3. Hydrate Pro Fertilizer: Good for lazy gardeners. It’s ideal if you’re going offline for a while or can’t attend to your garden regularly.
  4. Quality Up Fertilizer: Valuable early on for boosting produce quality. However, it becomes obsolete as gardening levels increase and you acquire higher-quality seeds.
  5. Speedy Grow Fertilizer: Skips a growth day occasionally. It sounds good, but the randomness can lead to uneven growth, making it costly. Not recommended.

Palia: The Most Profitable Gardening Patterns

Screenshot by Gamepur
Gardening Pattern AppearanceNameCrops NeededExplained
gardening patterns guide  paliaEarly to Mid-Game Gardening Pattern60x Tomato
21x Rice
This is the mid-game Palia gardening pattern for optimal results. It’s a DIY-friendly plan that effortlessly boosts tomato and rice yields, increasing profits. Keep it straightforward and watch gains soar while also setting the stage for future money-making with rice. 
top gardening patterns for paliaA Bit Of Everything Gardening Pattern13x Tomato
18x Potato
10x Carrots
10x Onions
8x Cotton
9x Rice
14x Wheat
Create a fuss-free garden plan perfect for multitaskers. It only needs watering during the seed stage, making managing it a breeze. This setup isn’t all about profits but focuses on offering a delightful variety of Palia crops. It’s functional and a visual treat in the game.
best gardening patters paliaOptimal Gardening Pattern9x Blueberry
45x Tomato
This strategy involves daily weeding and watering to ensure top-notch growth. Apply Harvest Fertilizer and SpeedyGrow fertilizer to the bottom-right square for an extra boost. Remember, turn all tomatoes into seeds before selling, while blueberries should be sold as they are for maximum returns. 
Self-Watering Gardening Pattern45x Tomato
36x Potato
This Palia gardening pattern is a self-watering marvel. Every single plot stays hydrated without a hitch. Just sprinkle the weed-away fertilizer on each one, and that’s it. The watering can stay untouched, letting you focus on other pursuits while the garden flourishes.

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