Palia: How to Upgrade Inventory Space

A player’s inventory fills up fast in Palia, and it’s good to know how to increase that, though it’s not clear at first.


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Palia is an incredibly enjoyable and addictive MMO where players work together to build a cozy farm where they can all harvest crops and build a life together where the entire group thrives, thanks to everyone’s work. To do this, however, you will need ample materials – and space can become an issue.

For those worried about expanding their inventory, we have you covered. This guide explains how to increase inventory slots in Palia, so no one is left with their paltry beginner’s inventory to muddle through the game with.

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How to Add Inventory Slots in Palia

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To increase their inventory slots in Pali, players need to find Zeki’s Shop, which will then allow them to purchase additional inventory slots for a fee.

At the start of a player’s time in Palia, they’ll have 16 inventory slots in two rows of eight. This is pretty useless, as will become clear an hour or so into someone’s journey. After filling their inventory the first time, players will get a letter from Zeki telling them about expanding their inventory.

Note that players get letters every morning at 6 AM in-game time, so they’ll need to wait until the following in-game day to get their letter from Zeki about inventory space. Once they get this letter, a new quest will be triggered, requiring players to go and visit Zeki’s store in Kilima.

Where to Find Zeki’s Store in Kilima

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To find Zeki’s store, players need to travel to Kilima and find the building with the purple door and a little sprout on the exterior. It looks like a lovely little herbalist’s shop, very welcoming and cozy as if purchasing homemade remedies from the shopkeeper would be possible.

Inside Zeki’s store, players can find a backpack near the counter to the left-hand side. It costs 500 Gold and will increase their inventory size to 8 slots. Players can purchase a second upgrade for 5,000 Gold, adding another 8 slots to their inventory. A third upgrade is also available which adds another set of 8 slots to their inventory, increasing the number of resources they can carry exponentially. However, this will set you back a whopping 50,000 Gold.

It should also be noted that you can purchase your backpack upgrades before getting the quest, it only serves to point players to this option if they happen to miss it.

Is Buying Inventory Slots From Zeki Worth it In Palia?

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Yes, buying inventory slots from Zeki is absolutely worth it in Palia. More inventory slots allow players to complete more tasks and carry more items without needing to find somewhere to organize their inventory or dump items when they’re in a rush.

The key to any game with farming, foraging, and crafting is always having what’s needed stowed away in a backpack or at your housing plot storage boxes. Without the right number of inventory slots in Palia, this is impossible. That’s why players should purchase more of them from Zeki as soon as they get the letter about expanding their slots.