Palia Gifting Guide: All Villager Likes, Loves & Weekly Wants

Find out what are every Palia villager’s weekly wants this September, as well as their permanent liked and loved gifts.

Palia NPC Weekly Wants Guide

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Palia is one of those games where you can and must cultivate bonds with small gestures, like Weekly Wants. Just like in life, preferences evolve. The villagers of Palia have a new want every week, and although you can find out what things they love and what they like permanently, if you’re looking to deepen a friendship or make a villager fall in love, keeping an eye on their weekly wants is a great idea.

Palia Weekly Wants: All September 25 – October 1 Villager Gifts

Palia Gifting Guide
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Every Sunday at 22:00, the weekly want gifts for each villager resets. It’s super important to be on good terms with your neighbors. You never know when you might need a new recipe, a nice piece of furniture, or a good friend. 

AppearanceVillagerWeekly LikesWeekly Loves
  Ashura  Sapwood Plank, Golden SalmonFish Stew, Sushi
  Auni  Common Field Cricket, Cerulean CicadaBlueberry, Apple Pie
  Badruu Rainbow Trout, Rice SeedBlueberry Seed, Meaty Stir Fry
  Caleri Grilled Oyster, SilkPinecone, Hynotic Moray
  Chayne Wild Garlic, Blueberry SeedHeat Root, Cream of Mushroom Soup 
  Delaila Rosy Bitterling, SpeedyGro FertilizerStalking Catfish, Gold Bar
  Einar Bahari Crab, Ribbontail RayFathead Minnow, Long Nosed Unicorn Fish
  Elouisa Unopened Oyster, Cutthroat TroutLeafstalker Mantis, Cloudfish
  Eshe Leather, SamaraSilver Bar, Akwinduu Chappaa
  Hassian Chapaa Fur, Elder Sernuk AntlersIron Ore, Shimmerfin
  Hekla Unopened Oyster, Painted PerchBlack Sea Bass, Green Pearl 
  Hodari Grilled Meat, Elder Sernuk AntlersBlue Marlin, Spitfire Cicada
  Jel Shell, SilkAzure Chappaa Tail, Midnight Paddlefish
  Jina Wagon Wheel, CottonDragon’s Beard Peat, Dari Cloves
  Kenli Chappaa Meat, Striped Chappaa TailSashimi, Palian Onion Soup
  Kenyatta Brushtail Dragonfly, Cutthroat TroutBrighteye Butterfly, Crimson Fangtooth
  Nai’o Wagon Wheel, Fish StewBlueberry Seed, Steak Dinner
  Najuma Tomato, Copper BarApple Jam, Blueberry Pie
  Reth Chappaa Meat, Sernuk Noodle StewApple Jam, Cream of Mushroom Soup
  Sifuu Chapaa Meat, Elder Sernuk AntlersCream of Tomato Soup, Gold Bar
  Tamala Chappaa Fur, Garden MillipedeAzure Stonehopper, Fairy Mantis
  Tish Sundrop Lily, Juniper SeedPearl, Blueberry Pie
  Zeki Grilled Fish, Golden SalmonSilver Ore, Bouillabaisse

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Palia: All Villager Permanent Likes & Loves

Palia NPC Gift Guide
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These are items that villagers will always welcome week after week.

AppearanceVillagerAlways LikesAlways Loves
  Ashura  Chapaa Meat, Channel Catfish, Fish Stew, Grilled Fish, Meaty Stir Fry, Sernuk Meat, Shell, Striped Surgeon, Sundrop LilyBlueberry Pie, Fish Stew
  Auni  Common Blue Butterfly, Common Field Cricket, Garden Leafhopper, Garden Mantis, Garden Millipede, Silk Thread, Standard Smoke BombApple Pie, Firebreathing Dragonfly
  Badruu Blueberry Pie, Grilled Oyster, Onion Seed, Pearl, Pickled Potato, Potato, Quality-Up Fertilizer, Wheat SeedApple Tree Seed, Azure Stonehopper
  Caleri Chapaa Fur, Leather, Macaron, Pickled Potato, Sernuk Hide, Silk Thread, Spotted Chapaa Tail, SweetleafBahari Glowbug
  Chayne Crystal Lake Lotus, Emerald Carpet Moss, Macaron, Onion, Onion Seed, QualityUp Fertilizer, Silk Thread, Unopened Oyster, Wild GarlicDragons Beard Peat, Pearl
  Delaila Blueberry Pie, Chapaa Meat, Crystal Lake Lotus, Quality-Up Fertilizer, Sernuk Meat, Silk, Silk Thread, Spice Sprout, Sweetleaf, TomatoTBA
  Einar Gillyfin, Prism Trout, Wagon WheelMottled Gobi, Pebbles
  Elouisa Cantankerous Koi, Crystal Lake Lotus, Dragon’s Beard Peat, Duskray, Silk, Silk Thread, Sernuk Antler, Sundrop LilyPearl
  Eshe Green Pearl, Grilled Oyster, Pearl, Silk, Silk ThreadTBA
  Hassian Brightshroom, Fine Arrow, Fisherman’s Brew, Silk Thread, Sernuk Antler, Sernuk Hide, Spotted Chapaa Tail, Standard ArrowProudhorn Sernuk Antler
  Hekla Acorn, Copper Ore, Cotton Seed, QualityUp Fertilizer, Silver Ore, Silk ThreadTBA
  Hodari Chapaa Fur, Copper Bar, Copper Ore, Fisherman’s Brew, Grilled Meat, Iron Ore, Leather, Pearl, Sernuk Antlers, Silk, Silk Thread, Silver OreTBA
  Jel Barracuda, Bat Ray, Crystal Lake Lotus, Fabric, Kilima Catfish, Leather, Pearl, Silk Thread, Sernuk Antler, Sundrop LilyPearl, Stickleback Fish, Willow Lampray
  Jina Brightshroom, Grilled Mushroom, Mountain Morel, Pearl, Pickled PotatoTBA
  Kenli Blueberry Pie, Grilled Meat, Pearl, Ramen, Sundrop Lily, TomatoLoaded Potato Soup
  Kenyatta Brushtail Dragonfly, Briar Daisy, Chapaa Fur, Inky Dragonfly, Knapweed, Pearl, Red-Bellied Piranha, Sernuk Antler, Sernuk Hide, Silk Thread, Standard ArrowMeaty Stir Fry, Proudhorn Sernuk Antlers
  Nai’o Chapaa Fur, Chapaa Meat, Pickled Potato, Potato, Rice Seed, Sernuk Antler, Sernuk Hide, Sernuk Meat, Silk, Stone Brick, Wild GarlicIron Bar, Steak Dinner
  Najuma Bat Ray, Copper Bar, Copper Ore, Coral, Iron Ore, Oily Anchovy, Sardine, TomatoTBA
  Reth Creamy Carrot Soup, Grilled Meat, Hearty Vegetable Soup, Loaded Potato Soup, Onion, Potato, Ramen, Sernuk Noodle Stew, Spotted Bullhead, Sweet LeafApple Jam
  Sifuu Chapaa Meat, Copper Ore, Fine Arrow, Grilled Mushroom, Sardine, Sernuk Antler, Sernuk MeatTBA
  Tamala Brightshroom, Chapaa Fur, Copper Ore, Elder Sernuk Antler, Emerald Carpet Moss, Iron Ore, Pearl, Sernuk Antler, Sernuk Hide, Silk ThreadElder Sernuk Antler, Gold Ore
  Tish Dawnray, Elder Sernuk Antler, Green Pearl, Pearl, Sernuk Antler, Silk, Sundrop Lily, Treasure ChestsPearl, Silk Thread
  Zeki Fish Stew, Gold Ore, Grilled Fish, Pearl, Sashimi, Silvery Minnow, Silver OreCopper Bar