Palia: How To Get A Glow Worm Farm

Like regular worms, except these glow.

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Fish come with different requirements in Palia. Some need worms, some don’t, and some still require a step above just regular worms. Glow Worms are yet another item that Palia uses to divide the kinds of fish you can catch depending on your area and Rod. While you can buy worms for a measly price at the General Store, it’s infinitely better to just produce some on your own so that you don’t have to go through the trouble. Some of the rarest fish in Palia require a Glow Worm to catch, so in this quick guide, we’ll explain how to create your own Glow Worm Farm in Palia.

What Does a Glow Worm Farm Do in Palia?

A Glow Worm Farm is one of the most valuable items in Palia that you can create on your property. You can use it to create Glow Worms, SpeedyGro Fertilizer, and HarvestBoost Fertilizer, which boost the speed of crop growth and harvest quantity for your crops. Any decomposable fruit or veggie can go into the Glow Worm farm, and in exchange, you’ll get a Glow Worm for each unit of consumable each time you harvest from the farm.

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How To Unlock the Glow Worm Farm in Palia

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Since the Glow Worm Farm is so darn helpful, there are more than a few basic requirements to get one on your property. To get Flow Worm Farm in Palia, you’ll need to be at least level 7 in Fishing to just unlock the recipe. Once you get that little requirement out of the way, Einar will be who you want to visit to buy the blueprint, which costs 2,000 Gold. After getting the blueprint, gather the following items to build your very first Glow Worm Farm:

  • Stone Brick x8: Probably the easiest item to get on this list, all you need to do is get yourself some stone and form it into a brick with your Smelter.
  • Flow-Infused Plan x12: Probably the most frustrating item to get on this list, Flow-Infused Wood can only be obtained from trees that are infused with Flow energy. Once you do have them though, you can use any old Sawmill to convert that wood into usable planks.
  • Iron Bar x4: Iron Bars are relatively easy to come by. Just smack rocks until you find Iron, which you can process using your Smelter.
  • Leather x8: After you have a Fabric Loom, you can process Sernuk Hide to create your own Leather.