Palia: How To Complete Open the Door – All Riddle Answers

Palia fans will be busy as soon as they enter the world, but some quests are harder than others. Here is how to tackle Open the Door.

Palia is a pleasant game with a comfy atmosphere, a welcoming vibe, and a teeny bit of a mysterious side. Just as there are cozy structures to welcome you, so too are there stony archaic ruins to strike at your curiosity. Right from the moment you pop into Palia from the void, you’re acquainted with the Flow and what it means to the Palians and you.

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To learn more and progress in the quest, Open the Door, we have a guide that can help you out in solving riddles. So, if you aren’t the riddling type, have this bad boy open on the side and get ready to make a few strides forward.

How To Complete the Open the Door Quest In Palia

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To get started on this questline, you need to get your feet wet mining. If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s just a matter of smashing rocks to bits until you find the broken key fragment. This item is important to Jina, who you’ll offer it to out of curiosity. From there she offers the fixing of it to Hekla, which will take a few days in Palia’s time. Once those days pass, she’ll inform you that while the key is fixed, it isn’t much of a key. Instead, it’s a trigger for riddles, ones that are in your human language.

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Since you’re the only one who can read the riddles, it’s your job to solve this door’s riddles three so that it may open for you.

First Riddle

The first riddle goes as such:

“There is a house. One enters it knowing all and leaves knowing nothing.”

The good part about these riddles is that you don’t have to type in any sort of custom answer. Instead, they give you a multiple choice. The answer to this one is a school. From there Jina will use your answer and report on if it works.

Second Riddle

It takes a day for the first riddle’s answer to settle in and for the next one to appear. The next day after you successfully solve the riddle, you’ll get a letter from Jina and a prompt to go for riddle number two. Go talk to Jina, then get the details on the second piece to the puzzle. The second riddle goes like this:

“The key you hold shows a thirst for knowledge, but the next clue for entering these hallowed doors requires a thirst for something more.”

It may not rhyme or anything, but the riddle is tricky enough on its own to stand. Again, you’ll get a multiple choice for this one, and kind of conveniently so, the answer is once again the second. The statue in the center of the town square, the centerpiece fountain for your hub, is the answer. Once you find it, look around the base for your next prompt towards the third riddle.

Third Riddle

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The third riddle is quite a bit longer. It goes like this:

“In figuring out the clue rests in this fountian, you deserve much congratulations. But gaining entrance to the library requires passing but one final test. You must find a stone that represents the sands of time. Slip that gem into the hilt of your key, and you shall have your revelry.

Points for rhyming before it’s all over. If you’re still scratching your head about which rock might possible represent the sands of time, the hint is actually twofold. For one thing, what gem greatly involves sand? And what’s more, what gem in particular takes quite a long time to make through the usage of sand?

The answer would be a pearl. I think this helpful hint is far more useful than intended, since pearls also have the shortest lifespan of all gemstones, fading away through friction with other pearls relatively quickly, being more subject to time than any other piece of jewelry or individual gemstone out there.

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Opening That Door

Once you got your key, it’s once again time to head to Jina so that she can be tickled pink by your riddle-solving skills. When you complete this quest, she gives you 25 Spice Sprouts to do with as you please. There’s also improved friendship with her as a character, as well as 25 Renown in it for you, so this quest reaps a hefty bounty for just being a couple of riddles. The answer to “What’s behind this locked door?” is now yours.

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