Palia Patch Notes 0.170 – Romance, Pumpkins, and Premium Fits

Palia 0.170 solves some much requested player needs, including a new romance, bug fixes, and QoL changes.

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Palia continues to expand its options for players as new furniture, romance options, and other such wonderful things come into the game. Not only is the game’s content improving but the way you can communicate and coordinate with friends is getting a little shine and polish as well.

The 0.170 update comes with a lot of bells and whistles, including a new obstacle course, updates to the workbench, QoL changes, bug fixes, and more. We’re here to outline and display it all so that you can log back in with new knowledge of what’s to come in update 0.170 for Palia.

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Romance Awaits

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With a new update comes a new romance. Hodari’s romance option is finally here, so now we have our Sad Dad fix. It was a little obvious that he was somewhat intended for a romance option from the very beginning, but now that we actually have it, we can satiate our curiosity. There are a few things to note about the Hodari romance route before you just jump in with reckless abandon though:

  • Get to know the family: To start his romance quest, you’ll need to befriend Najuma by completing their level 4 friendship quest.
  • Temple of the Waves: Complete the final quest for this questline, Echoes of the Unknown.
Image via Singularity 6

Friend chat fixes are here, and with them features like Nearby Chat and other conveniences. Feedback from the community has prompted all sorts of fixes like this, so if you have something to say about the state of Palia, spew it away to the devs. They love taking and implementing feedback, which is exactly what’s happening with the following fixes:

  • Crisper Communication: Nearby Chat is now a thing! No more shouting into the void to get your friend’s attention.
  • Send a Signal: You can now fire off Flare Arrows to coordinate location-based activities. It’s like fireworks, but more fit for the purpose. To make Flare Arrows, you need 5 Heartwood, 5 Flint, and one Crystal Lake Lotus. Or you can just buy them, your choice. Once a Flare Arrow is up in the sky, it’ll remain there, bright and shining for about a minute.

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New Outfits and Furniture

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If you’re a Premium-loving Palia player then there are new outfits to buy! Plenty for the fall occasion, some clearly for Halloween, others clearly for fun or style:

  • Get Spooky: The Vampiric Bundle is now available, with looks like The Count, The Charmer, and The Chiropteran available for purchase.
  • Sages and Riturals: The Stately Sage bundle is also available, including Rite & Ritual, History & Mystery, and Earth & Air sets.
  • Studious Suits: The Student Style Bundle includes the Creative Writing, Finance, and Studio Arts outfits.

Furniture-wise, there are a few new pieces added with the update. These include:

  • Valley Sunrise Bookshelf
  • Valley Sunrise Oval Table
  • Valley Sunrise Lights
  • Valley Sunrise Knife Set

In addition to some new furniture, you can now put even more kinds of decor inside your furniture. More decor per decor! So if you want to hide an apple pie in a cupboard, you can do that now.

Work More Efficiently at the Workbench

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You can now sort your recipes more efficiently at the Workbench. This patch allows you to work smarter, not harder as you sort your recipes in multiple ways: Alphabetical, Reverse Alphabetical, Craftable, and Not Yet Crafted. Things like crafting recipes are now even more convenient, with the availability of canceling a craft now available on all Crafting machines. That way, if you start an unreasonably long queue, you can stop and start over if you change your mind.

Overcome a New Obstacle Course

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If you like climbing towers in Tears of the Kingdom or Sonic Frontiers, you’ll love these obstacle courses recently added to Palia. You can now jump, climb, and glide all around these dreamscape places in Palia. To motivate you, there are Zeki Coins hidden all around the area for you to collect. If you want to start accessing the Obstacle Course right away, look to the Arcade Machines found in the Black Market.

Quality of Life Fixes

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There’s plenty that’s been fixed in the world of Palia, from the fishing to how furniture is structured in buildings:

  • Even Less Limits: You can now add more Fireplaces, Doors, and Porches to your place without increasing the building add-on limit.
  • Fastest Fisherman in the Flow: Casting speed is now faster for your fishing. You can change this to be slower if that’s to your liking, in the Settings menu.
  • Rod of Change: The Dowsing Rod recipe has changed; it now requires 3 Coral instead of 6.

General Bug Fixes

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Just like with the previous update, there are a ton of fixes and tweaks that went into this one. Everything from some general polish to the game’s appearance, to fixes for the game’s progression have been implemented. They’re as follows:

  • Sushi Recipies can be fished more easily. As an apology for the delay on fixing this issue, the devs dropped 50 Glow Worms in your Mailbox. Better get them before they wriggle out of there.
  • Sticky Smoke Bombs work more effectively in multiplayer play. No more missing out on loot because the game bugged your bug.
  • The quest ‘Hunger Pains’ can be completed now. Weird that it couldn’t before.
  • Fertilizer plays nice with plots now. Before, if you added 99 Fertilizers to all of your plots, the game would prevent you from interacting with them. Fertilize away!
  • Star Quality Proudhorn Sernuk Antlers are now loot-able from their respective creature.
  • Sushi crafting no longer causes players to freeze. Guess your character was REALLY excited about that Sushi, but they’ve calmed down about it now.
  • The navigation tutorial pop-up no longer appears every single time you get close to the Phoenix Shrine.
  • Placing campfires now results in not only having a campfire, but you’ll get to hear a woosh and see visual effects along with it. We love the little details.
  • Infinite loading screens begone, you’ll no longer see them when leaving your Housing Plot in the beginning of the game.
  • General visual polish to textures and environments throughout Palia.