Palworld Black Market Explained: Where to Buy All Contraband Pals

The reason for all the Syndicate Thugs in Palworld is its black market, a story of Contraband Pals and Black Marketeers.

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Every open world game has its dark side, whether it’s revealed through the lore or environment. In Palworld’s case, there are large creepy merchants dotted around the place who sell Contraband Pals on the black market, and they buy from the player, too.

There’s so much to do in Palworld that completing a single goal feels monumental. Be it overcoming the towers, optimizing a base, or catching every Pal for the Paldeck. Capturing every Pal is a great goal because it’s obvious, and everyone knows they must explore the world to find each one. However, players can also take advantage of the black market to buy Contraband Pals for their Paldeck, and they can even profit by selling the ones they don’t want to keep.

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All Contraband Pals Players Can Buy in Palworld & How Much They Cost

black marketeer inventory in palworld
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To buy Contraband Pals in Palworld, players must track down a Black Marketeer. These are shady merchants with Pals in their inventory, sold for a high price. Each Pal was likely stolen or captured by Syndicate Thugs, so it’s possible they haven’t had a good life so far. With that in mind, it’s nice to think of buying them as saving them.

The table below shows every Contraband Pal we’ve seen listed in a Black Marketeers inventory. Note that the inventories for these merchants seem to change either daily or each time the player respawns. Based on our testing, we believe it’s each time the player respawns, but we can’t rule out a daily reset.

This guide is in progress, and we’ll add more Pals to this list as we see them.

Contraband PalPrice
Chillet8,280 Gold – 9,315 Gold
Woolipop4,132 Gold
Dinossom8,262 Gold
Nitewing17,955 Gold
Flambelle7,125 Gold
Jolthog Cryst3,049 Gold
Beegarde4,230 Gold
Kingpaca13,050 Gold
Robinquill5,227 Gold
Leezpunk4,386 Gold
Petallia8,616 Gold
Elphidran14,121 Gold – 15,690 Gold
Relaxaurus23,040 Gold – 26,112 Gold
Incineram Noct12,418 Gold
Cremis3,408 Gold
Surfent12,120 Gold
Fuddler3,468 Gold
Melpaca6,987 Gold
Lunaris4,224 Gold
Sweepa15,360 Gold

Where we’ve listed a range in Gold prices for Pals in this table, this is what players can expect to pay for the same Pal at different Black Marketeers. It seems to us as though some Black Marketeers have higher prices or value certain Pals above others based on which faction they’re closest to, the Free Pal Alliance or the Syndicate.

All Black Marketeer Locations in Palworld

In the table below, we’ve listed the locations of all the Black Marketeers we’ve encountered in Palworld, alongside map references for them. Note that this list is still being worked on, and more locations will be added as we discover them.

Black Marketeer LocationMap Reference
bamboo groves black marketeer
Bamboo Groves Black Marketeer
bamboo groves black marketeer map reference palworld
Stands on the edge of a cliff in Bamboo Groves overlooking the lake where Azurobe swims.
desolate church blackmarketeer in palworld
Desolate Church Black Marketeer
desolate church black marketeer map reference
From the Desolate Church fast travel point, players must head west and then drop off the edge fo the cliff. They should see a path going under the cliff with torches outside that leads to a cave entrance. This is a mine where the scariest Black Marketeer in Palworld has set up shop.
eastern wild island black marketeer palworld
Eastern Wild Island Black Marketeer
eastern wild island black marketeer map reference palworld
From the fast travel point on this island, players must head southwest to the opposite corner of the island. At the midway point, they’ll find a large clearing with a lot of Syndicate Thugs. Against the far cliffs is the Black Marketeer with all his gory decorations.
north of free pal alliance vlack marketeer in palworld
North of Free Pal Alliance Tower Black Marketeer
north of free pal alliance tower black marketeer map reference
To find this Black Marketeer, players need to head to the fast travel next to the Free Pal Alliance Tower and head north. The must leave the frozen biome and get back to the lush green biome until they reach the edge of the island. There should be a group of Free Pal Alliance soldiers guarding a Dungeon. Beyond them, standing on an outcrop overlooking the sea, is the Black Marketeer.

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