Can You Play The Palworld Pokemon Mod? Viral YouTuber Mod Explained

A Pokemon mod for Palworld has gone viral, but players can’t seem to find where to download it. Can you play the Pokemon mod for Palworld?

palworld pokemon mod
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On January 22, just a few days after the official release of Palworld, a YouTuber known as ToastedShoes released a preview for a mod that brings Pokemon and popular trainers to the survival crafting creature collector. But can you play it?

Palworld has drawn quite a bit of speculation from Pokemon fans over the past few days. Fans of the world’s number one media franchise aren’t happy with the likeness that some of the Pals share with their favorite Pokemon, and some have even gone as far as to allege Pocketpair of stealing models from Ganefreak for their own project.

However, a YouTuber who specializes in modded content has gone viral after sharing a clip of a video where he imports real Pokemon mode into Palworld.

Palworld Pokemon Mod Explained

A little before 6 AM EST on Monday, January 22, YouTuber ToastedShoes published a video to X (formerly Twitter) showing off the “first ever mod pack” for Palworld. The video showed several of the original Palworld models replaced with popular Pokemon, including Pikachu, Torchic, Electabuzz, and more. And in just a few short hours, the clip has amassed nearly 2 million views.

The full video is set to be posted on Tuesday, January 23. That is… if no one steps in to stop it.

Can You Play The Pokemon Palworld Mod?

Currently, there is no way to download and play the Palworld Pokemon mod. But that could change when ToastedShoes’s video is released tomorrow.

ToastedShoes is known for his modded video game content. He’s recently added several Pixar and Disney characters to Mortal Kombat and released the modpacks used in the video simultaneously. The only catch is, he releases the mods on his Patreon, which means you might need to fork up some cash to download them.

That said, with a company as protective of their IPs as Nintendo, plenty of Palworld fans are speculating the mods never see the light of day. Only time will tell if we will be able to catch Pikachu in Pocketpair’s open-world survival game.

Are There Other Pokemon Mods for Palworld?

Yes, a couple of Pokemon Mods for Palworld already exist, but none are as immersive as what ToastedShoes has shown.

If you pursue the Palworld hub on the popular modding site Nexus, you’ll find two Pokemon Mods that replace the player character model. One allows you to play as Ash Ketchum developed by the model resource and the other lets you play as Gym Leader Misty developed by FrancisLouis.