Pawmot Weakness & Counter Guide for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pawmot has an unusual type combination in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that can make it a bit tricky to counter in battle.

Pawmot and Nemona Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Image via The Pokemon Company

Keeping track of Pokemon’s different strengths and weaknesses is a key part of becoming a Pokemon master in Scarlet & Violet. For many trainers, the unique Electric and Fighting-type combination of Pawmot poses an unusual problem when trying to beat it in battles.

As players discover Pokemon from more regions with increasingly varied combinations of types, memorizing all their vulnerabilities and strengths gets more difficult. Thankfully, we have the power of the internet to help us when we run across a particularly challenging Pokemon battle like going up against Pawmot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Let’s take a look at this Pokemon’s weaknesses and how best to face off with it so you can jump into your next Pawmot battle confidently.

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What Type of Pokemon is Pawmot?

Pawmi Running
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pawmot is the final evolution of adorable large-fisted Pokemon Pawmi, who you can find pretty early on in your adventure in the southern fields of Paldea. If you, like me, can’t resist this adorable Pokemon, you’ll be glad to know it’s also a pretty versatile one to have on your team once you level it up into its powerful final form, Pawmot.

Pawmi and its evolutions can be a great asset on your team for precisely the same reasons it can be a headache to come up against in battle. This Pokemon has an unusual type combination that makes it a bit trickier to counter than most. Once you evolve Electric-type Pawmi to Pawmo, it becomes a combination Electric and Fighting-type Pokemon, an unusual pairing of types that makes its weaknesses a bit less clear.

In Scarlet & Violet, Pawmot can also use the handy ability “Revival Blessing” which brings back one of the player’s fainted creatures. This is incredibly useful when it’s on your side, but can become a powerful obstacle when your friend uses it against you in PvP battles.

What Types is Pawmot Weak Against in Scarlet & Violet?

Pawmo Stats Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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We don’t often see Pokemon who are both Electric and Fighting types, and in fact, Pawmot is one of the only ones you’ll find in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. That means it’s not quite as easy to think your way through how to leverage type weaknesses to your advantage.

If you usually rely on Flying types to take out Fighting-type Pokemon, for instance, the fact that Pawmot can come at you with Flectric-type moves is going to be a huge disadvantage. If you’re facing off against a trainer who uses Pawmot in Scarlet & Violet, it’s key to consider the types that Pawmot is weak against.

As a combination of Electric and Fighting Pokemon, Pawmot isn’t vulnerable to Flying types since it can electrify them right out of the sky. However, other vulnerabilities for fighting-type Pokemon will come into play for trainers here, as Pawmot is weak to both Fairy-type and Psychic-type moves. Like all Electric-types in Scarlet & Violet, Pawmot is also weak against Ground types, so your beloved Paldean Wooper may come in handy here.

When facing off against Pawmot in Scarlet & Violet, it’s best to have a few of your favorite Fairy, Psychic, or Ground-type moves ready to go. Because Pawmot is the final evolution for Pawmi, you’ll want to bring in a stronger member of your team, since Pawmot is going to be a relatively high level compared to Pokemon earlier in their evolutionary chain. If you’re struggling against a Pawmot-wielding NPC like Nemona or another avid gamer who loves this unique Pokemon, these tips will help you win the next battle.