Payday 3: How to Disable All Lasers in Gold & Sharke

There are multiple lasers protecting the vault in the Payday 3’s Gold & Sharke mission, and this guide shows you how to turn them off.

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The second phase of Payday 3’s Gold & Sharke mission has you within reach of the vault. However, there’s a heavy security system protecting it, and the first layer of protection is a series of lasers. These lasers are connected to several outlet boxes hidden throughout the room, and you’ll need to break into those to reach the vault.

How you turn off the lasers can be a little complicated. The circuit for the laser has a rotating control box, which means you’ll need to return to the circuit breaker to see what switch you need to flip next. Here’s what you need to know about disabling all lasers in Payday 3’s Gold & Sharke mission.

Where to Find The Circuit Box to Disable All Lasers in Gold & Sharke

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After reaching the upper floor of the Gold & Sharke bank and breaching the Vault Lobby, you’re nearly to the end of the heist. The next phase will be about taking down the lasers protecting the outer layer of the vault door. To do this, make your way to the right of the vault room, and you should see the circuit breaker on the wall. Interact with it to turn on the screen, and you’ll see you need to turn off four terminals controlling the lasers for this Payday 3 mission, and you’ll see what switch you need to flip on the screen.

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You can make your way to any of the four hidden switches in the room. When you reach the outlet, make sure you hit the correct cable displayed on the screen, which will vary based on your Payday 3 playthrough.

However, it is important to note that after you’ve done that once, your handler will ask you to return to the main screen, and you’ll see that the cable you need to flip off has changed. This will happen each time you flip a switch off, which means you’ll need to return to the main screen to see what cable you need to hit next, every time.

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This can take a bit of time to complete, but keep your eye on the camera rotations during this portion. I struggled with getting through this part because I was becoming too impatient, almost getting caught by the cameras. Being caught in this are would have triggered an alarm, and then the bank goes on lockdown in Payday 3, forcing you to into combat.

Now that you’ve reached this point, the last thing you must do to bypass the vault is reach the Bank Manager’s office. You’ll need to return to the upper floor in Payday 3’s Gold & Sharke mission to find it.