Payday 3: How to Open the Vault Safe in Dirty Ice

The vault safe for the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3 requires two people to open it. Here is how you can crack the vault.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Taking all of the jewelry from the Ashton Fine store in the Dirty Ice heist will net you a decent haul in Payday 3. But one of the most valuable items is locked behind a vault door, and getting inside requires at least two people.

If you’re doing this in a team online it’s going to be much easier to get in, but if you’re playing solo then you might need to be much more careful when trying to execute this plan. Here is what you need to know about how to open the Vault for the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3. 

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Opening the Vault in Dirty Ice

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get inside the vault in Dirty Ice, you will need another person and a security card. If you look to the side of the vault you’ll see what color card you require, and in this case it is red. I found the red security card down in the basement of the jewelry store. You’ll be able to get into the basement by finding the door code somewhere in the area. This is also where you can turn off the security for the store.

Once you have the code you’ll need a second person to help you open the door. As noted in an email you can find in the manager’s office, the IDE Security Division has advised that the vault requires two people to give their input simultaneously and that all employees have access. 

Screenshot by Gamepur

There is a red button on the desk of the manager’s office and this is one of the unlocks to the vault. You’ll need to take an employee of the store hostage. Either have them follow you to the room, or use them as a shield to move them.

Once they are in the manager’s room, shove them toward the red button on the desk. They should then press the button, once this is happening run over to the vault door and scan your card with the card reader. If done correctly the door will open to reveal a display case with a rare item inside it.

Screenshot by Gamepur