Payday 3: Where to Find the Manager’s Safe in Under the Surphaze Art Gallery

It’s hard to crack a safe if you can’t find the thing.

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One of the main objectives in the Under the Surphaze heist in Payday 3 will have you loading up your bags with expensive art scattered around the gallery. One of those pieces of art requires a flash drive that has a security key on it; you’ll use the drive and plug it into the frame of the art to decrypt the security protecting it, which will then allow you to take off with the goods.

But this drive is hidden inside the Manager’s office, and locating it can be a handful if you don’t know where to look and all the alarm bells are going off. Here is what you need to know about where to find the Manager’s safe for the Under the Surphaze heist in Payday 3.

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Manager’s Safe Location in the Art Gallery in Payday 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the optional tasks in Under the Suphaze will have you trying to find the Manager’s office. This is a good idea to check off the list because there are some handy tools you’ll need later on if you want to make it out of there with some of the most expensive art in the building.

The manager’s office will be located near the service stairs that run from the ground floor up to the roof – these are not the stairs in the middle of the gallery. Once you’ve found the office, you can check the computer emails, and you’ll find some information about an authenticator and flash drive.

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This email is where you’ll get some details about looking for the safe in the manager’s office. Because you’re already in that location, all you need to do is find the safe. Although, if you take a look around, there isn’t a safe sitting out in the open like others you might have already come across. This one is hidden. You’ll find the safe behind a moveable wooden panel directly behind the desk and just below where the giant clock on the wall is, but more near the floor. If you’re in the right spot, you’ll get a prompt to ‘open’ the panel.

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A safe will be revealed once the panel slides away, and all that will be left is to crack it. Inside you’ll get a USB drive to help you finish the job.