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Pikmin 4 Castaways and Rescue Corps: Locations, Dandori Battles & Base Camp Upgrades

This guide hows to find all 42 Castaways locations in Pikmin 4, including Rescue Corps, Civilians and Leaflings.

One of the primary missions that drives the plot of Pikmin 4 forward is Captain Shepherd’s Rescue All Castaway mission. Early in the game, Captain Shepherd requests that all Rescue Corps Members and Civilian Corps stranded on this planet be rescued and brought back to the base camp. And thus begins a massive task to explore the Pikmin 4’s underground caves, complete mini-games like Dandori Battles, and unlock new in-game features in their base camp to get all 42 Castaways rescued.

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How to Complete Rescue All Castaways Main Mission in Pikmin 4

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As the game unfolds, it’s revealed that not only Rescue Corps Members have been stranded on this planet, but also school members, interplanetary tourists, and intrepid reporters — all known as Civilian Castaways. There’s also a third type of Castaways who have fallen prey to a Red and seemingly malevolent Leafling. These are Leafling Castaways and do not count toward progression in the Rescue All Castaways’ main mission.

All Castaway Locations in Pikmin 4

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Every Rescue Corp Member Castaway Location & Upgrade

There are 6 Rescue Corp Members needing rescuing, some of which will be encountered in the tutorial, like Oatchi and Collins. Others, like Yonny and Russ, can be found by exploring underground caves.

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Badge IDRescue Corp MemberRoleUnlocksLocation
OatchiRescue Corps’ Goodest BoyMount and companionGame tutorial
CollinsRescue Corps’ Comms OperatorExploration: explore locations on the surface.Game tutorial
ShepherdRescue Corps’ CaptainTraining: train Oatchi to improve his skills.Burrow of Beginnings Sublevel 1
RussRescue Corps’ ScientistLab: purchase upgrades.Frost Cavern Sublevel 1
DingoRescue Corps’ Solo RangerCompletion: clear areas to 100% to receive rewards.Drafty Gallery Sublevel 4
YonnyRescue Corps’ DoctorNight expeditions: explore areas at night to cure LeaflingsCrackling Cauldron Sublevel 2
BernardRescue Corps’ PilotUnlocks Hero’s Hideaway.Third Leafling Rescue

Every Civilian and Research Recruit Castaway Location

Castaway Badge IDLocation
Hectic Hollows Sublevel 2
Industrial Maze Sublevel 2
Sightless Passage Sublevel 1
Aquiferous Summit Sublevel 2
Kingdom of Beasts Sublevel 3
Seafloor Resort Sublevel 2
Seafloor Resort Final Sublevel
Secluded Courtyard Sublevel 2
Secluded Courtyard Sublevel 4
Kingdom Beasts Sublevel 6
Subzero Sauna, Sublevel 2
Engulfed Castle, Sublevel 2
Hotshock Canyon
Seafloor Resort, Sublevel 4
Kingdom of Beasts, Sublevel 3
Below-Grade Discotheque, Sublevel 5
Engulfed Castle, Sublevel 5
Seafloor Resort, Sublevel 2
Rockaway Cellars
Subzero Sauna, Sublevel 3

Dalmo and Schnauz may be Civilian Castaways, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely useless. They are both in-game encyclopedias for all the enemies, plants, Pikmin, and treasures collected during the game.

Dandori Battles and Leafling Castaways in Pikmin 4

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By completing Dandori Challenges and Battles in Pikmin 4, Leafling Castaways will be rescued and taken to the camp. An error pops up when their badge ID is scanned, making their identity a mystery.

All Dandori Battles in Pikmin 4

Here’s a complete rundown of every Dandori Battle type and how to complete them.

Dandori Battle NameDandori LevelBattle Rules
Trial Run1Find objects and transport them back to the base within the time limit. Whoever has the highest weight wins.
Battle in Box2The mechanic of Bonus Finds is introduced. Bonus Finds earn double the points.
Castle3The mechanic of Mystery Capsule is introduced. The interior of this capsule will be decided by luck.

How to Cure Leafling Castaways

To cure Leaflings, find Rescue Corps’ in the Crackling Cauldron. Once he joins the base camp, Doctor Yonny will let players embark on Night Expeditions to get Glow Sap and cure Leafling Castaways. This process removes the leaves and reveals their true identity.

All Cured Leafling Castaways in Pikmin 4

Cured Castaway BadgeRole
Professional Spelunker
Space Explorer
Research Leader
Planetary Science Club Member
Travel Agent
Travel Agent
Minerals Expert
Curious Soul

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