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Pikmin 4: All Pikmin Types, Location, & Abilities

Here's all Pikmin type locations and abilities in Pikmin 4. Time to create the biggest and most diverse miniature army ever.

Pikmin 4 once again puts players in control of hordes of pint-sized creatures. Throughout their journey, players will run into and unlock different types of Pikmin, minuscule plant-like beings with an endearing ability to band together and accomplish extraordinary feats.

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To recruit Pikmin and have them join your cute army of miniature helpers, you’ll need to find wild Pikmin in caves, hunt down onions, and farm up pellet posies. This guide covers every Pikmin, their ability, and where to find them in Pikmin 4.

How to Unlock More Pikmin in Pikmin 4

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Most Pikmin will become available by progressing through Pikmin 4’s story. As the story unfolds, new areas and foreign obstacles will reveal new Pikmin types.

Still, some Pikmin are available early through Pikmin 4’s cave areas. Pluck them out of the ground or help them defeat nearby foes to add them to your mini-army.

How to Get More Pikmin in Pikmin 4

At the start of the game, the Pikmin limit is 20. One permanent way to increase this limit is through those yellow onions with flowers on top called Flarlic. For every Flarlic found in underground caves or the overworld, the limit can be increased by 10. Keep in mind that the max amount of Pikmin that can be carried is 100.

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Another temporary way to get more Pikmin is to recruit Wild Pikmin. Still, they will only temporarily join the army.

All Pikmin Types, Abilities & Locations

AppearancePikmin TypeAbilityLocation
Red PikminAttack boost + fire resistanceRescue Command Post
Blue PikminCan swim + dive underwaterSun-Speckled Terrace’s Secluded Courtyard
Yellow PikminFast digging + leaps higher + electricity immunitySun-Speckled Terrace’s Industrial Maze
Ice PikminFreezes enemies and bodies of waterSun-Speckled Terrace’s Frosted Caves
Rock PikminStomp and Trample immunity + breaks glassBlossoming Arcadia’s Kingdom of Beasts, Sublevel 2
Glow PikminStuns enemies with light + Fire, water, electricity and poison immunityNight expeditions
White PikminImproved speed + survives toxicWhite Candypop Buds
Winged PikminFlies over obstaclesSerene Shores
Purple PikminStronger and heavier than other PikminPurple Candypop Buds

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