Pocket ZONE codes (February 2023)

Use your wits and some luck to survive.

Image via Garden of Dreams Games

We all love a good post-apocalypse game, and Pocket ZONE delivers one of the best you’ll play for mobile devices. There are multiple classes to play, each with its own skill trees to develop, offering almost limitless options for approaching the game. Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of every freebie you can find to help you survive in the harsh world of Pocket ZONE.

Some of those freebies come from the developers themselves. Every few weeks, they release new codes that you can redeem for in-game cash and new equipment. However, a certain number of these codes can be redeemed before they become invalid, so you need to catch them as soon as they’re released. Similar to games like Asphalt 9: Legends, speed is of the essence here.

All Pocket ZONE codes

Pocket ZONE codes (Working)

  • There are no currently valid Pocket ZONE codes

Pocket ZONE codes (Expired)

These are the codes that have expired for Pocket ZONE.

  • qkyY8XhfnQIc
  • JyVB2Tdn83
  • pWo9DQrg3xe
  • 1mpaFQHNywe
  • L6ehC9l2c0w

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How to redeem codes in Pocket ZONE

It is easy to redeem codes for Pocket ZONE. Just follow these simple steps:

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. With the app opened, click on the avatar icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the text box that appears on the next screen, just type in the code you wish to redeem and hit Enter.

How to get more Pocket ZONE codes

If you’re after more codes for Pocket ZONE, you need to be quick. With only a limited number of them released each month, you need to be one of the first ones to add them to your character. Be sure to follow the developers on Facebook and on Twitter, where they often announce new codes for the game. You can also follow their game development blog on YouTube to keep up to date about new content for all their games.

Why won’t my Pocket ZONE codes work?

The most likely reason that your Pocket ZONE codes aren’t working is that they’ve expired. Not only are the codes time-limited, but they are also limited by the number of people who can claim them. If you’re certain that the code you’re trying to use should be working, make sure that you have typed it carefully, as they are case-sensitive.

How to improve zone upkeep in Pocket ZONE

Most of Pocket ZONE’s gameplay comes in the form of resource management. Each building you create will increase your upkeep costs in your city, so it becomes a careful balancing act. To keep your upkeep costs as low as possible, be sure to upgrade your roads, which don’t come with a high upkeep cost but increase overall productivity. If you’re still in the negative, you’ll probably need to remove one or two buildings until your production is high enough to afford them.

What is Pocket ZONE?

Set in a world still recovering from a nuclear apocalypse, Pocket ZONE combines RPG elements with resource management systems to create a surprisingly addictive adventure game. You build your city while also improving relationships within your settlement to help keep your town alive against the multiple dangers the world throws at you. It is remarkably simple to pick up but takes a lot of work to balance everything that is happening in the game.