How To Watch Pokémon Direct on Jan. 9, 2020

Pokémon Direct How To Watch

Nintendo will host a special Pokémon Direct special this Thursday, Jan. 9, starting at around 9:30am EDT. While it didn’t indicate what will be shown during the presentation, it will focus specifically on Pokémon games.

There’s a good chance players could finally see an announcement for Pokémon Home, as well as new information on Pokémon Sword and Shield and Pokémon Go. There’s always a chance something entirely new could be announced as well.

So how do you tune in and see all the Poké-fun? Here’s what you need to do to catch all the action as it happens this Thursday:

Check Out the YouTube Channel

The official Nintendo YouTube channel will host the live broadcast. You can bookmark this page and tune in to watch with other fans via chat. If you prefer, we also embedded the video below, so you can watch it from this page.

If you somehow miss the broadcast, make sure to keep tabs on the official Pokémon YouTube channel, as the news should go live there after it breaks.

What Can Fans Expect From the Broadcast?

As mentioned, the big thing is likely to be Pokémon Home. This is a new service that will reportedly work like a Pokémon Bank, with classic characters from the Pokémon universe becoming usable in Sword and Shield. During the broadcast, we’ll likely find out when it’s set to debut and how much its subscription price will be.

Coding for Bulbasaur and Litten is reportedly already in place, so they could launch immediately after the Pokémon Direct ends.

In addition, Pokémon Sleep could also be announced. It supposedly allows fans to keep a close eye on their Pokémon characters as they slumber.

There’s also speculation that an all-new Pokémon game could be revealed, set to release sometime in late 2020.