Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023: Dates, Bonuses, Timed Research & Mega Tyranitar

Adventure Week has arrived to Pokemon Go, and Mega Tyranitar will make its debut, alongside shiny Tyrunt and Amaura.

Image via Niantic

A major event for Pokemon Go’s July 2023 event line-up has been formally shared, and it’s for Adventure Week. This will be the last major event for the month, which also features Mega Tyranitar, a notable Pokemon that players have been eagerly awaiting to add to their collections.

Not only will Mega Tyranitar make its debut, but Regidrago will appear in five-star raids, and several other ancient Pokemon will be spawning throughout the event. Several of these Pokemon will be heavy-hitters for any player eager to boost their Great & Ultra League teams. Here’s what you need to know about all the dates, bonuses, and timed research quests happening for Adventure Week 2023 in Pokemon Go.

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When is Adventure Week 2023 in Pokemon Go? All Dates

It has been confirmed that Adventure Week will be one of the final major events for Pokemon Go’s July 2023 line-up. It will be happening from July 27, 2023, to August 2, 2023, giving a narrow window for you to catch several unique Pokemon. This short timetable is likely because of Regidrago’s appearance in five-star raids and Mega Tyranitar making its debut.

All Bonuses for Adventure Week 2023 in Pokemon Go

There are numerous event bonuses available to all Pokemon Go players during the Adventure Week 2023 event. All players gain access to these passive benefits, which will cease when the event ends on August 2, 2023. These are all the bonuses you can expect to see during Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023.

  • Five times as much XP for spinning PokeStops for the first time
  • Half the Hatch Distance when eggs are placed into Incubators during the event
  • Twice as much XP for spinning PokeStops

All Timed Research for Adventure Week 2023 in Pokemon Go

There are set to be two types of Timed Research going live during Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023 event. There is a free timed research that all Pokemon Go players get when the event starts, and there will be branching choices between exploration of research-focused related tasks for this event.

A second Pokemon Go timed research will go live, and there is a payment requirement for this one. The paid timed research features two incubators, a Super Incubator, and multiple encounters with Pokemon featured throughout the event, which is ideal for anyone trying to get their hands on Tyrunt, Amaura, Archen, or many of the other Pokemon with increased encounters for Adventure Week 2023.

Mega Tyranitar Raids in Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023

Mega Tyranitar makes its debut during this Pokemon Go event. Everyone can find Mega Tyranitar featured in the Mega Raids throughout the event, and I recommend players work with others to take it down. This won’t be an easy encounter and increases the chances of earning more Mega Tyrantiar Candy before the event closes.