Pokemon Go: All Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

These are the rewards for completing Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023 event.

Image Via Niantic

Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023 event is live, and it’s centered around Fossil Pokemon, with players able to encounter these revived Pokemon from ancient times that are linked to the Timed Research tasks that players can complete. Those who finish the Paid and Free Timed Research tasks can earn many Pokemon Go goodies.

Adventure Week 2023 not only features encounters with Fossil Pokemon but will also introduce new Pokemon and fresh Shiny forms to Pokemon Go. This is the event where Mega Tyranitar is introduced to Pokemon Go, along with the introduction of Shiny forms for Amaura, Aurorus, Tyrunt, and Tyrantrum. Amaura and Tyrunt can be encountered in the wild and hatched from 7km Eggs during the event, giving plenty of chances to encounter a Shiny.

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Every Task & Reward In Adventure Week 2023 In Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

As with most modern Pokemon Go events, Adventure Week 2023 will feature Paid and Free Timed Research tasks. In the case of Adventure Week 2023, all players can complete the first task, before it branches off, and you will have to choose which path to follow to earn its unique rewards.

These are all of the tasks and rewards you’ll receive for completing the Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research in Pokemon Go:

Task 1

  • Walk 1km – Tyrunt Encounter
  • Walk 1km – Amaura Encounter
  • Walk 2km – Tyrunt Encounter
  • Walk 2km – Amaura Encounter
  • Walk 5km – Tyrunt Encounter
  • Walk 5km – Amaura Encounter

All Rewards: 2 Incubators and a Super Incubator

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Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week 2023 will run from July 27 to August 2, 2023. This means you have a week to complete its tasks and take your shot at catching its rare and Shiny Pokemon to add them to your collection.