Pokemon Go Battle Weekend Geeta: Dates, Bonuses, & Leagues

Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend event is all about Geeta, from the Paldea Region, and you limited time to participate and earn all rewards.

Image via Niantic

A Battle Weekend in Pokemon Go has been announced for October 2023. Players will have a limited time to battle against other competitors to use their best teams against them, duking it out with their favorite Pokemon.

Thankfully, there are a handful of active leagues occurring during this event, giving players the flexibility to select an ideal team to use throughout the event. There will be various bonuses and rewards for everyone who participates. This guide covers the dates, bonuses, and all leagues happening during Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend Geeta event.

All Pokemon Go Battle Weekend Geeta Dates

The event was formally announced on the Pokemon Go Twitter and blog page. We’ve known about the Battle Weekend event for the October 2023 content release, but the official details of the event were unknown until now. This will be happening on October 7, 2023, starting at 12 AM and ending on October 8, 2023 at 11:59 PM in your local time zone, giving everyone 24 hours to participate.

All Bonuses & Rewards During Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend Geeta

Throughout the 24-hour period of the Pokemon Go Battle Weekend, there are multiple bonuses available to all players. From what’s been shared, a paid battle-themed Timed Research players can purchase to earn additional Stardust, XL Rare Candy, and a Star Piece, but this is not required to earn the other rewards in Pokemon Go to join the event. It will be available to all Pokemon Go players.

  • 4× Stardust from win rewards
  • The Maximum Number of sets players can go against other players increases from 20 to 100
  • There will be a free battle-themed Timed Research available to all Pokemon Go players

A handful of reward changes are also happening during the event, exclusive for the special weekend.

  • Guaranteed Rare Candy for Trainers level 30 and below for their second win in a set
  • Guaranteed Rare Candy XL for Trainers level 31 and up for their second win in a set
  • Increased Stardust rewards compared to the basic reward track
  • The order of premium track rewards will be rearranged

All Leagues in Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend Geeta

Finally, the three major leagues will activate during Pokemon Go’s Battle Weekend. The Master League, Ultra League, and Great League will be happening at the same time, and jumping into any of these during the event will net players the rewards and bonuses appearing throughout the day.