Pokemon Go: Should You Purify Shadow Regigigas?

Shadow Regigigas is appearing in Pokemon Go, and you’ll have the option to keep it in this form or purify it.

With the arrival of Shadow Regigigas in Pokemon Go, there’s an important question for players to consider. Should you purify it to convert it to its normal form, or is it better to keep shadow Regigigas in its shadow form?

There is a significant difference between these two choices. Normally, it boils down to how you want to use the Pokemon. However, some Pokemon are better in their shadow form than they are in their normal one. Should you purify Shadow Regigigas in Pokemon Go?

Is it Better To Purify Shadow Regigigas in Pokemon Go?

Image via Niantic

Every Shadow Pokemon receives the same stat changes in Pokemon Go. As a Shadow Pokemon, it gets a 25% boost in attack power, but it also receives a 25% loss of defense power, making it a much more aggressive yet vulnerable Pokemon. This is a great choice for a Pokemon with an already large amount of attack power, but for those with a decent amount of attack power, missing out on the helpful defenses can be chaotic for them, and it’s a good deal.

Unfortunately, Regigigas is one of these Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The standard stats for a Regigigas in Pokemon Go is a maximum CP of 4,913, with an attack power of 253, a defense of 189, and a stamina of 198. This has been adjusted for its PvP battles, but it features the same range in PvE battles. Because of how much attack power it already has, losing out on a large amount of defense can be extremely bad for it, making it a poor choice for a Shadow Pokemon.

It’s the opposite choice from what you’d want from other legendary Regi Pokemon in Pokemon Go, such as Registeel or Regirock. Registeel is the flagship example of what you would want from a shadow Pokemon, with a high defense and decent attack power. Although you don’t want to give up too much defense power when using Registeel, the boost from being a Shadow Pokemon is enough. For Regigigas, though, these differences can be destructive, and it might not be worth it for every trainer.

Between the two options, I think it’s better to purify Regigigas in Pokemon Go, especially if you don’t have one. However, like many legendary Pokemon, it’s better never to purify your legendary Pokemon. These rarely appear in Pokemon, as Giovanni appears every three months. Still, a standard legendary Pokemon might appear in five-star raids at least once a year, so you have a better chance of finding a standard Regigigas in five-star raids.

Make sure to catch at least one shadow Regigigas and keep it in its Shadow Pokemon form, even if the standard version might be better in Pokemon Go.