Pokemon Go Sunshine Cup (Great League) – Tier List for September 2023

There are several Pokemon you can use during Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup, and this tier list highlights the best ones.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokemon Go players have the chance to participate in the Sunshine Cup. This is a limited-time competition where you’ll have to use a limited pool of Pokemon to take down tough opponents, and it’s important to know what Pokemon you should consider bringing with you to compete in these battles.

We’ve created a tier list showcasing some of the best Pokemon you should bring with you, or consider using against your opponents. This guide shows some of the best Pokemon you should use during Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup.

Sunshine Cup Tier List – Pokemon Go

Image via the Pokémon Company

There are a few rules you’ll want to make sure to follow during Pokemon Go’s Sunshine Cup. This is the Great League version, and that means no Pokemon can exceed a 1,500 CP limit, and all Pokemon need to be at least a Fire, Grass, Ground, or Normal-type. In addition to these rules, Charizard has been banned from being used, and no player can utilize it during these battles.

Lead Pokemon Tier List in Pokemon Go

When it comes to picking out a Lead Pokemon for your Pokemon Go team, you’ll want to mix it up between one that has a high amount of Attack and Defense power. I typically lean more towards Attack power for my Sunshine Cup team, but it’s entirely up to you and the rest of your Pokemon that you have in your line up. You also want to make sure you’re reserving at least one shield to protect your Lead Pokemon against Charged Moves.

SPidgeot, Rufflet, Swampert, and Vigoroth
AAbomasnow, Dubwool, Gliscor, and Steelix
BDiggersby, Miltank, Ninetales, and Swellow
CAlolan Marowak, Obstagoon, Talonflame, and Tropius
DCradily, Noctowl, Victini, and Whiscash

Switch Pokemon Tier List in Pokemon Go

Now, for your Switch Pokemon, it’s ideal to focus more on Attack power than anything else. This is the Pokemon that should be doing a lot of damage for your team, allowing you to push out many of your opponent’s Pokemon. However, it’s also good to consider the weaknesses of your Lead Pokemon, that your Switch can cover them, and that they don’t share the same weaknesses. Also, I typically reserve at least one shield for the Switch Pokemon, and sometimes I’ve been known to use both of them during a battle.

SDubwool, Gligar, Pidgeot, and Vigoroth
AGreedent, Miltank, Steelix, and Swellow
BGalarian Stunfisk, Obstagoon, Rufflet, and Staravia
CBlaziken, Farfetch’d, Victini, and Zangoose
DBewear, Lickitung, Lopunny, and Snorlax

Closer Pokemon Tier List in Pokemon Go

Finally, we have our Closer Pokemon. This is your last line of defense against your opponent and should be the toughest Pokemon to take down. You want to prioritize Defense power for this Pokemon, and you want to make sure you consider their weaknesses. The less they have in battle, the fewer opportunities you can give your opponent to overpower you, especially if they can’t do super-effective damage. Finally, I don’t normally reserve a shield for the Closer Pokemon, unless the other two choices did not need one.

SRufflet, Staraptor, Swellow, and Victini
ACradily, Diggersby, Pidgeot, and Swampert
BAbomasnow, Chansey, Gligar, and Noctowl
CJumpluff, Lurantis, Mamoswine, and Turtonator
DDubwool, Excadrill, Galarian Stunfisk, and Hisuian Electrode