How to get Unova Stones in Pokémon Go

An important evolution stone for your Gen V Pokémon.

Image via Niantic

The Unova Stone in Pokémon Go is an important item you will want to find. A handful of Pokémon will need to use it to reach their final evolution. You will need to use one of these evolution stones every time that particular Pokémon wants to evolve, which means you need multiple Unova Stones. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Unova Stones in Pokémon Go.

Where to find Unova Stones in Pokémon Go

Like all evolution stones in Pokémon Go, Unova Stones are a rarity. They do not appear often and only have a chance to drop from several ways. Some of the best ways to earn these items are by completing specific Special and Timed Research offered by Niantic, as these are sometimes guaranteed rewards. The problem with waiting for these to appear as they do not happen often.

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A good alternative is to battle against the Team Rocket Leaders, such as Sierra, Arlo, or Cliff. There’s a chance that after you defeat them, they could reward you with an Unova Stone for your efforts. To find these combatants, you must beat Team Rocket Grunts to receive Mysterious Components. You will need six Mysterious Components to create a Rocket Radar, giving you a Poké Stop or Team Rocket balloon spawn for one of the three leaders.

Another good way to find an Unova Stone is completing the weekly Research Breakthrough challenge. You will need to complete seven Field Research tasks, earning seven stamps to complete them. Both of these drops are not guaranteed.

After you have the Unova Stone, pick the Pokémon from your collection you want to evolve and give it to the stone. The evolution process will also require multiple candies from that Pokémon to complete the process. Because of how rare these evolution items are to find in Pokémon Go, we recommend being careful about which Pokémon you want to evolve. You will want to pick the ones with the best stats for player battles or ones you plan to use in raids.