Pokemon GO – What are Combat Power, Hit Points and How to Use It

 Pokemon GO – What are Combat Power, Hit Points and How to Use It

Combat power of the Pokemon in Pokemon GO is called as CP and the higher the CP, the stronger the Pokemon. Once you begin with the Pokemon GO adventure, there is a lot to learn about Capture and Level Up Your Pokemon, but you also need to learn how powerful your Pokemon is for the Battle.

What are Combat Power

What are a CP and HP

As we mentioned earlier the Combat power of the Pokemon in known as CP and HP is the Hit Points. The HP shows how much health of your Pokemon is left while CP measures of powerful your Pokemon’s attack are. In order to know how powerful a Pokemon is, you must always look at his HP and CP.

Every Pokemon has different CP regardless of they being the similar type. For example – if you have caught two Charmanders, they will not necessarily have the same CP. As you gain XP and become a higher level Trainer, the CP of the Pokemon you capture will generally be higher. However, some types of Pokemon will naturally always have lower CP.

You can also increase your CP by evolving the Pokemon – which converts it into the next evolution of the Pokemon which comes with increased CP. Every Pokemon start out with full HP at capture, but HP can be depleted during battles.

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