How to Add a PokeStop Close To Your House in Pokemon Go

There are several ways to add PokeStops close to your home in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you how to do it.

Image via Niantic

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PokeStops are the best way to regularly add items to your inventory in Pokemon Go. You’ll want to visit them often to make sure you have everything you need to catch and heal your Pokemon while you’re playing.

Sometimes, the big problem with Pokemon Go is tracking down these PokeStops and having them close to your home. After you use a PokeStop, it takes five minutes before it can refresh, and you can use it again, meaning you want to have it as close to where you live as possible. Here’s what you need to know about how you can add a PokeStop close to your house in Pokemon Go.

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How Adding PokeStops Works in Pokemon Go

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You have to be a Niantic Wayfarer in Pokemon Go to suggest new PokeStop locations, which means you must reach at least level 37 on your profile. When you do, there’s an opportunity for you to submit Wayspot nominations to the Niantic team, who will review the location you’ve suggested, and the team will accept or deny the submission.

The location you want to submit to the Niantic must meet the criteria the team has set out for ideal PokeStop locations in Pokemon Go. A PokeStop must be unique, good exploration, ideal for players where they have to exercise to reach it, and a social location for all Pokemon Go players. The location must also be a permanent location that won’t be moved and must be in an area that everyone can publically reach without disturbing local residences.

If you believe you’ve tracked down a good location for Pokemon Go to add a PokeStop, head to your game’s main menu and hit the Settings button. From here, make your way to the Uploads section and select the New PokeStop option. Here, you’ll need to go through the in-game process of properly submitting your suggested location, where you’ll need to point out the location on the map of where to find it, take a photo of the object, and then take another photo of the surrounding area to add context for the PokeStop.

The final thing you’ll have to do is give the location a title and description. It needs a detailed and unique title, preferably the official name of the location, and a formal description of the item’s history. Should you complete all these details for the Pokemon Go team, there’s a chance this location could become an official PokeStop, and you might be able to visit it from your house. Again, not every submitted location will be accepted by the Niantic team, but giving them a wide variety of options never hurts.