Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ghost Outbreak Event: Dates, Spawns, & Locations

As Halloween draws near, players in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will see mass outbreaks of ghost type Pokemon

Greavard Selfie Pokemon Violet

Screenshot via Gamepur

The Pokemon Company has offered no shortage of goodies for gamers this Halloween season. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, trainers will get the chance to catch extra ghost Pokemon this Halloween through mass outbreaks.

Mass outbreaks are when a large number of a particular Pokemon cluster in one area, and they’re a great opportunity to catch that elusive critter or do a bit of Shiny hunting. This Halloween, we’re covering all the ghosty goodness you can expect from these spooky season mass outbreaks in Scarlet & Violet’s first-ever celebration of the season.

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When Will We See Ghost Pokemon Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Mass outbreaks of ghost-type Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet started on October 26th and will continue through Halloween on October 31 at 4:49 PM PT.

During this time, players will see an increase in mass outbreaks of several ghost-types in the game.

Selfie with Misdreavous
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The ghost-type Pokemon we’ll see in this spooky event are Drifloon, Phantump, Mimikyu, and Greavard.

These Pokemon will show up on the map in large numbers more frequently and have a higher chance of featuring the crafty mark when they spawn.

Where to Catch Ghost-Types in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Greavard Mass Outbreak
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Mass outbreaks of Drifloon, Phantump, Mimikyu, and Greavard will occur in both Paldea and Kitakami.

They will appear across the maps for both islands, giving players a chance to catch ’em all, including Shiny versions, which are slightly more common during mass outbreaks. Use your map to find current outbreaks of the Pokemon you’re trying to catch.

How to Find a Mass Ghost Pokemon Outbreak in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Drifloon Mass Outbreak Icon
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You won’t have to wander the entire map to find groups of Ghost Pokemon on the prowl, as these outbreaks will be indicated on your world map through an icon. That means you can travel right to where the Pokemon you’re trying to catch is gathering and shooting your shot.

To find mass outbreaks on the map, open up the World Map. You will see certain areas marked with a sparkle, indicating a gathering of Pokemon. If you’ve never caught that particular Pokemon, you’ll see a question mark in the middle of the glitter. If you have caught it, you’ll see an icon of that Pokemon instead.

Set that location as your destination and head for the sparkling spot on the map. There, you’ll see a large number of the indicated Pokemon.

How To Participate in the Halloween Ghost Pokemon Outbreak Event

Poke Portal Menu Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
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Before you see scary, spooky Pokemon popping up on your world map, you will first need to grab the latest Poke Portal News update.

Do this by pulling up the main menu and then navigating to “Poke Portal.” From there, scroll down and click on “Mystery Gift.” In the Mystery Gift menu, you’re looking for the last option, “Check Poke Portal News.” Your game will need to be connected to the internet for the next step.

Once you check the Poke Portal news and connect to the internet, your game will update, and the mass outbreaks will start to appear.

It’s the perfect time of year to add ghost-types to your collection, so get out there and enjoy their more frequent appearances in the world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet while you can!