Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – Can You Evolve Ursaring Into Ursaluna

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has brought Hisuian Pokemon like Ursaluna to the future, but can it be evolved in Paldea?

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Ursaring can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, either through finding it out in the field or through a Tera Raid, but can it be evolved into Ursaluna? This confusion is because Ursaluna was introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with an evolution method strictly tied to the Hisui region, with no obvious ways to recreate it in Paldea.

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, if you want to evolve an Ursaring into an Ursaluna, you must acquire a Peat Block item. With this in hand, you must catch an Ursaring and take it out at night. Once the full moon hangs in the sky, you can use the Peat Block on the Ursaring to evolve it into Ursaluna. The problem is that the Peat Block isn’t available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, so how can you acquire an Ursaluna in the game?

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Can You Evolve Ursaring Into Ursaluna In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

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Unfortunately, you cannot evolve an Ursaring into an Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Some Pokemon games introduced ways to let Pokemon with special evolution methods evolve in new regions, such as the Moss Rock appearing in several mainline entries, but no such alternate method exists in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to Get Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

You cannot evolve an Ursaring in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, but there are still ways to get it into the game. Pokemon Home functionality is now available in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, allowing you to trade an Ursaluna from Pokemon Legends: Arceus into Pokemon Home, then into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It’s also possible to trade for one with another player, should they own an Ursaluna.

There is a very good reason to want an Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, as it’s a powerful Pokemon in battle. This is because it has a high Attack stat, which can be bolstered further with its Guts Ability and the use of the Flame Orb. The Guts Ability increases a Pokemon’s Attack stat by 1.5 if they are afflicted by a status effect while ignoring the Attack reduction of the burn effect. If the trainer gives their Ursaluna a Flame Orb to hold, they will be burned by it, sending their Attack stat through the roof.

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Acquiring an Ursaluna in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet at launch was impossible, but that has been rectified by Pokemon Home compatibility. There’s still a bit of messing around involved, and it’s frustrating that you can’t just evolve an Ursaring in-game, but at least players have an option for bringing the almighty Hisuian bear into the Paldea region.