Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Order: Every Path Level Order Walkthrough

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is a non-linear entry in the franchise, and here is the correct gym path order based on levels.

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There are many factions to help and quests to complete in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that will require you to explore every little bit of the map. However, since the map is huge and Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are open-world, players can get lost and end up fighting either much stronger opponents or much weaker Pokémon. To make sure that the enemies you fight aren’t too strong or weak, we will present you with a list of every boss fight in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, ordered by their highest-level Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Gym Order – All Paths & Teams

There are three main quests players will need to complete to finish Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Trainers will have to defeat all gym leaders, as in previous games, but they will also need to defeat Titan Pokémon, which are humongous versions of normal Pokémon, and dethrone all Team Star leaders one by one. 

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pokemon scarlet violet level order map all gym paths

To know exactly which boss you should try to defeat, here is a list of every boss fight in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, ordered by their best Pokémon’s level:

1. Bug Gym Leader Katy – Victory Road

Katy is the first gym leader you’ll take on during your journey across Paldea. She uses Bug-type Pokemon that are level 14-15, making her Gym Challenge a breeze. She is located in Cortondo, and her team is listed below.

TeddiursaBug Tera Type15

2. Klawf – Path of Legends

The first Titan you’ll take on is Klawf located in South Province (Area Three), and like Katy, this boss is a breeze.


3. Grass Gym Leader Brassius – Victory Road

If you picked Fuecoco as your starter, then Brassius will be one of the easiest Gyms in the game. He has a low-level grass team – as listed below – and doesn’t deal much damage with his limited moveset. He is located in Artazon.

SudowoodoGrass Tera Type17

4. Bombirdier – Path of Legends

Bombirdier is up next! If you’re tired of avoiding water, this flying-type titan is the key to unlocking your swimming ability. Located in West Province (Area One), make sure to bring a rock or electric type to knock this boss out of the sky.


5. Team Star Leader Giacomo – Starfall Street

The first leader of Team Star you’ll take on is Giacomo located in West Province (Area One). His Pokemon are Dark-type and break into the level 20s. He only has two Pokemon at his disposal, but they can be a pain to lower-level trainers.


6. Electric Gym Leader Iono – Victory Road

Iono is a fan-favorite gym leader and is really where players can start running into trouble. She has four electric-type Pokemon which only have one super-effective weakness: Ground. However, her first Pokemon is immune to ground attacks, so come prepared. She can be challenged in the coastal city of Levincia.

MismagiusElectric Tera Type24

7. Team Star Leader Mela – Starfall Street

Mela was one of the most iconic Team Star members before Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s release. And despite having a team in the mid-level-20s, she can easily be defeated with any of the water types. Located in East Province (Area One), here’s Mela’s Fire-type team.


8. Orthworm – Path of Legends

The new Steel-type worm is next, giving players the ability to high jump once defeated. Orthworm may be nearing level 30, but he’s still a pushover for those who picked Fuecoco. Titan Orthworm can be found in East Province (Area Three).


9. Water Gym Leader Kofu – Victory Road

After returning Kofu’s wallet and spending a few grand on ingredients, players can take on Water Gym Leader Kofu. Breaking into the 30 levels, Kofu’s water-type team is pretty easy to deal with since they all share a super weakness to Electric moves. Head to Cascarrafa to take him on.

CrabominableWater Tera Type30

10. Team Star Leader Atticus – Starfall Street

Despite being located in Tagtree Thicket – one of the most interesting locations in SV – Atticus is rather forgettable. His Poison-type team is that of any villainous entity’s crew, all of which are low-level 30s.


11. Normal Gym Leader Larry – Victory Road

Another contender for the best NPC in Scarlet & Violet is Larry. The mundane trainer may not be the most powerful, but he has still won the hearts of trainers. You can face him and his team of Normal Pokemon at Medali.

StaraptorNormal Tera Type36

12. Ghost Gym Leader Ryme – Victory Road

Ryme takes things up a notch with her team of level 40+ Pokemon. And being Ghost-type, she is sure to pack a punch against trainers who are unprepared. That said, players can find her in the snowy town of Montenevera.

ToxtricityGhost Tera Type42

13. Paradox Donphan – Path of Legends

Taking a break from trainer battles, players can set their sights on the next titan, Past or Future Donphan. Depending on the version you’re playing, a different paradox Donphan is lurking in Asado Desert, waiting to reward trainers with the gliding ability.

Iron TreadsGround/Steel44
Great TuskGround/Fighting44

14. Psychic Gym Leader Tulip – Victory Road

Tulip is one of the toughest gym leaders for those aimlessly walking around Paldea. With a team of Psychic Pokemon in their mid-40s, this isn’t an easy battle to win. But for the brave trainers looking to take on the next boss, you can find Tulip in the mountaintop town of Alfornada.

FlorgesPsychic Tera Type45

15. Ice Gym Leader Grusha – Victory Road

After Tulip, you’re going to have to journey all the way across the map to take on Grusha. He is the Ice-type gym leader in Glaseado Mountain. While he is a tough opponent, he is yet another battle that is made easier for those who chose Fuecoco.

AltariaIce Tera Type48

16. Team Star Leader Ortega – Starfall Street

Ortega is the Fairy-type Team Star Leader located in the far regions of North Province (Area Three). Breaking into the level 50 barrier, players will have to take on his powerful team with Steel or Poison types.


17. Dondozo & Tatsugiri – Path of Legends

This titan battle introduces the unique team ability of Dondozo and Tatsugiri. At first, you’ll face off against a lone Tatsugiri in Casseroya Lake, but the second fight will be against Dondozo who is piloted by said Tatsugiri.


18. Team Star Leader Eri – Starfall Street

The final challenge to complete the Path of Legends is taking on Eri’s incredibly powerful fighting-type team. Nearing level 60 and wedged in the upper righthand corner of North Province (Area One), players will have to effectively counter Eri’s intense team of powerhouses.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet All Paths Order Overview

BossLevelPokemon TypeQuest
Katy15BugVictory Road
Stony Cliff Titan16RockPath of Legends
Brassius17GrassVictory Road
Open Sky Titan19Flying/DarkPath of Legends
Team Star Dark Crew21DarkStarfall Street
Iono24ElectricVictory Road
Team Star Fire Crew27FireStarfall Street
Lurking Steel Titan29SteelPath of Legends
Kofu30WaterVictory Road
Team Star Poison Crew32PoisonStarfall Street
Larry35NormalVictory Road
Ryme42GhostVictory Road
Quaking Earth Titan45GroundPath of Legends
Tulip45PsychicVictory Road
Grusha47IceVictory Road
Team Star Fairy Crew50FairyStarfall Street
False Dragon Titan55DragonPath of Legends
Team Star Fighting Crew56FightingStarfall Street