Pokemon Sleep Gifts Players with Holiday 2023 Double Dream Shard Research Event: Bonuses, Candy Boosts, and More

Pokemon Sleep fans found out what Delibird’s got for us in its holiday gift bag, and it’s a Holiday 2023 Double Dream Shard Research event!

Pokemon Sleep Logo with Winter Holiday 2023

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Fans of the Pokemon Sleep app have been showered with in-game events the past few months, and we just learned what we’re getting for the winter holiday season. This December, Pokemon Sleep fans will enjoy a weeklong Double Dream Shard event.

Since the first event back in October, Pokemon Sleep developer Select Button just keeps rolling out in-app surprises. The Holiday 2023 Double Dream Shard Research event features several wintery bonuses that I, for one, look forward to waking up to this December.

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When is Pokemon Sleep Double Dream Shard Research?

Pokemon Sleep Holiday 2023 Double Dream Shard Research Event
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The Holiday 2023 Double Dream Shard Research event in Pokemon Sleep begins on Monday, December 18th at 4 AM and will run throughout the week.

Like the Pokeween event, Double Dream Shard Research will only work if you select Greenglass Isle as your research site for the week.

What Bonuses Are Included with the Double Dream Shard Research Event?

Sleepy Snorlax Pokemon Sleep
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As the name suggests, Pokemon Sleep fans can expect double Dream Shards for sleep research conducted during the event.

In addition, the Dream Shard Magnet S main skill will be twice as effective at gathering these in-game components.

Dream Shards don’t get all the fun during the event, however. An event feature called Candy Boost will double the impact of candies used to level up your Pokemon during the event. With all of these power-up components, this week will be a great time to strengthen your team of Pokemon.

Sleepy Pikachu Pokemon Sleep
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Bonuses aren’t the only thing happening during this Holiday 2023 celebration. On theme with the winter vibes, ice-type Pokemon will appear more frequently as part of sleep research. This means you might be able to snag Delibird, Snover, Spheal, or Abomasnow. And for those who missed out on Glaceon during Eevee Week, the icy Eeveelution is set to appear a bit more often as well.

It’s not a Pokemon event without Pikachu in a hat, so naturally Pokemon Sleep players may also get a chance to befriend a sleepy Pikachu in a festive red cap.

Other Pokemon Sleep Double Dream Shard Research Bonuses

Pokemon Sleep Professor
Image via The Pokemon Company

Keeping in theme with the icy vibes, your Snorlax pal on Greenglass Isle will prefer Rawst Berries, which are found by ice-type Pokemon like those you’ll encounter during the event.

Holiday 2023 in Pokemon Sleep will also include special limited-time missions with rewards including a massive influx of 60 Pikachu candies. If you’ve still got Pikachu as your team leader like I do, this will be a great opportunity to power it up and level up those skills.

Pokemon of different sleep types than yours will also show up more often during the Double Dream Shard Research event, so if you tend towards a certain type this should boost your chances of seeing some Pokemon you haven’t seen before.

As if all that isn’t enough, those who conduct research on the last day of the event (December 7th), will get a nice bonus of 1225 sleep points, aka 12/25 as in Christmas. We see what you did there, Select Button.