Can Snorlax Be Shiny In Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep has a collection of different Shiny Pokemon that players can get in the game, but is could a Shiny Snorlax?

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is a mobile app that allows players to better their sleep with the promise of Pokemon awaiting them in the morning. It has been determined many times that there are numerous Shiny Pokemon available in the game.

Every week, players will be able to pick a new campsite to do their daily research in the morning. Each site has a Snorlax, which Trainers will need to feed every day to help them get the maximum of points. The goal is to feed him as much as possible before the end of the week to level up the Snorlax. However, does it have a Shiny variant?

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How To Get A Shiny Snorlax

As reported by Twitter user Frebb0, Snorlax can be Shiny in Pokemon Sleep. Like in the main series games, Shiny Snorlax is a more saturated blue color. It can be easy to miss to the untrained eye, but luckily it sparkles when it appears, signifying it is a Shiny form. While Shiny hunting in Pokemon Sleep is as simple as waking up every morning, hunting Snorlax is a bit different.

A different Snorlax appears at each campsite at the start of a new week. Players spend a week, Monday -Sunday, with that Snorlax, powering it up and researching sleep patterns. Every time the player picks a new campsite, there is a chance of the Snorlax being a Shiny one. There is nothing that a player needs to do in order to get this Pokemon – it’s just pure luck.

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The sad thing is players will be forced to say goodbye to their Shiny Snorlax at the end of the week. But there’s always a possibility of finding another at a later date to spend a whole week with.

Is Green Snorlax Shiny?

Pokemon Sleep Shiny Snorlax
Screenshot by Gamepur

At the start of week two of Pokemon Sleep, snoozers reported finding a green Snorlax at Cyan Beach. No, green Snorlax is not Shiny! Pokemon Sleep has different colored Snorlax for each campsite they establish.

That said, there’s no evidence that Snorlax can’t be Shiny. But finding a Green Snorlax is, sadly, not an indication that it is Shiny.