Poppy Playtime – What is Experiment 1006?

It’s a mystery.

Image via MOB Games

Poppy Playtime is shaping up to be something of a strange horror classic in gaming. The title, which pitches players against living toys that are trying to eat them, is already proving a hit with gamers who are eager for Chapter 2 to arrive.

One of the current mysteries surrounding the game is Experiment 1006. Nobody is quite sure what this is, and it seems we will need to wait until more of the game arrives before we find out extra details. For now, however, there are some fun fan theories doing the rounds.

Redditor SapoTrotador noticed some interesting lore in the game’s trailer. The data, which was found in some barely visible writing in the trailer, reads as follows: “Archived data 200 Experiment 1006: ” The prototype ” he seems servicable as the prime example for the type of vessel which we are trying to create despite his digestive tract being retired properly, the prototype finds no necessity to sustenance (unlike the others) all other experiments can only survive while subsisting in much larger portions.”

The predominant theory right now, which is also talked about in the Reddit thread, is that the player is actually Experiment 1006. If the toys were created to try and mimic potential human functions but were found to be lacking, then the people in charge my have decided to just try and create an environment that reduced a human to a machine-like state instead that made them as controllable as a machine, but as adaptable as a human.

It is also possible that Experiment 1006 is some form of scary monster that will be coming after us in a later chapter. Perhaps it has achieved a higher state than the rest of the toys and is taking its time and studying us while we struggle through the early chapters. For now, all we can really do is wait for more content to arrive for the Poppy Playtime to find out.