Yakuza 0 Chapter 16 Walkthrough | Proof of Love


In the previous chapter Scattered Light, Goro Majima started tracing Makimura. He got her last known location. In this Chapter 16 Proof of Love, you will continue your quest. In this, you will be locating Makoto who is trying to make a deal against his empty lot with Sohei.

Yakuza 0 Chapter 16 Walkthrough

Proof of Love Walkthrough

In the end, you will earn 100,000,000 yen after completing the chapter.

Talk To Makoto

Once this chapter beings Makoto will tell you that she gains her sight after touching Tachibana, she will ask you to kill three lieutenants and the captain of Dojima Clan to avenge his brother’s death. Majima will refuse instead he will suggest you get some food. Follow the pink pointer and walk in front of the line. This is where you will decide to eat, follow the next marker. Goro and Makimura will share some Takoyaki here. Next, she will ask you to get more, as you return she is gone. A homeless man will approach with a message saying that she wants to meet you on the roof above the empty lot tomorrow at five. As the night passes, go to the Empty Lot, you will face a few Shibusawa Family Thug. Fight and defeat this man.

Go To The Sebastian Building

Before you start your main objective it is good to refill your health items, look for the nearest convenience store and stock it. Next, go to the nearest taxi and take the cab to Sebastian Building. Here you will find that Makoto offers the Empty lot to Sohei for a deal of killing all three Lieutenants. You will have to save her. Fight the thugs in the lobby and then go on the roof.

Fight Dojima Family:

In the lobby, there will be a lot of thugs blocking your way. You have to take them down before you finally meet Makoto. She will get shot by a hitman and begins the next wave of the fight. You will face a strong opponent Senda in this part of the fight along with all other men around. Take down the smaller one first.

She will later tell you what happened earlier, the Dojima did not want her alive they are just interested in the plot. As he passes out Sea will arrive and he will help you to carry her to the hospital. Here Majima swears to do anything to save the girl.

The chapters ends here. Next is the ending chapter Black and White that has the final climax of Yakuza-0. For more updates and tips on the game do check Yakuza-0 Wiki guide.