PUBG Mobile: All KFC Rewards & How To Claim Them

Craving some KFC goodness in PUBG Mobile? Uncover the locations of KFC Royale Restaurants and spin your way to finger-lickin’ rewards with our guide.

The official artwork of PUBG and KFC's off-the-wall collab.

Image via PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Mobile is embracing that classic Battlegrounds victory screen and bringing a real chicken dinner into the game. Not only will KFC have restaurants located throughout all of its maps, all of which offer tasty rewards that replenish your health or energy, but there are also some other rewards out there in the wild.

If visiting the KFC Royale Restaurants isn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for this PUBG Mobile collaboration, then you’ll need to visit the Chicken Winnin’ Spin and test your luck (or take your Fragments to the Event Shop, whatever works.)

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Where to Find PUBG Mobile KFC Rewards

The Chiken Winnin' Wheel in PUBG Mobile.
Image via PUBG Corporation.

There are some PUBG KFC rewards to be claimed via a special meal deal at real-life KFC locations, but the main course of items is served at the Chicken Winnin’ Lucky Spin, where players can cash in their UC for a chance to win red-and-white prizes with that signature KFC finger-lickin’ flavor.

Your first spin will only cost 10 UC, but then it’s back to paying out 30-per-spin or buying a 10-spin bundle for 300.

Item ListRewards
Item #1KFC Royale Colonel Set
Item #2 KFC Chicken Champ Cover
Item #3 KFC Chicken Champ Set
Item #4KFC Royale Delight Top
Item #5 KFC Royale Delight Parachute
Item #6 KFC Seasoned Squad Graffiti
Item #7 KFC Crispy Crunch Avatar Frame.

Odds are that you’ll have to spin more than 10 times, but the wheel is packed with KFC Fragments that you can spend to buy the items individually if you miss out on your spins. Those prices vary from item to item, but the Colonel himself is the priciest reward at 800 Fragments.

Here are all the wheel-whipping rewards you can take home in this collaboration:

All PUBG Mobile KFC Rewards Cost

Image via PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Mobile KFC rewards cost will depend on whether you aim to collect the whole set or not. You can reasonably expect to spend upwards of $30.00 if you’re after every individual item. The wheel’s gifting system caps out at 250 Spins, so if you were maximum level unlucky, this could run you up to double that price point.

The KFC Fragments you gather along the way will ease that burden, though, as you’d be able to complete the full set well before reaching that high-dollar mark.