PUBG Mobile Season 20 (C1S1) Royale Pass free and premium rewards

You have one month to claim all of them.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 Cycle 1 Season 1 C1S1 APK download

Image via Krafton

PUBG Mobile Season 20 (C1S1) has begun, and the latest Royale Pass called Trek Era has also been released. Players can start completing daily and weekly missions to level up in the Royale Pass to unlock a ton of free and premium rewards. These rewards include outfits, gun skins, emotes, and more, along with UC cash, and Krafton has revealed all of them in the game.

Also, the ranks of all the players have been reset with the release of the PUBG Mobile Season 20 (C1S1) update, depending on their rank at the end of Season 19. Here is the complete list of free and premium rewards that players can earn.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 (C1S1) 1-50 RP Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 20 Cycle 1 Season 1 C1S1 Rewards
Image via Krafton
  • Tidal Wargod Set and Dust Camo Soldier – M15A4: Unlock at RP 1
  • Tidal Wargod Mask: Unlock at RP 5
  • Tidal Wargod Helmet: Unlocks at RP 10
  • Night Stalker Parachute: Unlocks at RP 13
  • Hahaha Emote and RP Avatar (M1): Unlock at RP 15
  • Neon Hopper 2-Seat Motorcycle: Unlocks at RP 20
  • Groovy Teen Outfit: Unlock at RP 25
  • Tidal Wargod Ornament and Night Stalker Emote: Unlocks at RP 30
  • Alien Technology – QBU: Unlocks at RP 35
  • Tidal Wargod – Scar-L: Unlocks at RP 40
  • Night Stalker Cover and Night Stalker Set: Unlock at RP 50

You don’t need to purchase the Elite Royale Pass if you want to claim the free rewards by completing missions and challenges. However, if you want the premium rewards in your inventory, you can buy the Elite Royale Pass costing 360 UC or the Elite Upgrade Plus Pass by spending 960 UC.