The best landing, loot, and drop locations in Vikendi — PUBG

Land at these four best locations in Vikendi Map to easily find high-level loot.

Image via Krafton

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vikendi map is vast, and finding the best loot locations can be tiring. Loots are very important in any battle royale game as they will dictate whether you’ll survive or die, so deciding where to land is one of the most important aspects of the game. As for Vikendi, we compiled the four best places to land so you’ll have a higher chance of surviving and getting that Chicken Dinner. In this guide, we bring you the best loot locations.

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What are the best drop locations in PUBG Vikendi map?

1. Castle

Screenshot by Gamepur

Castle is located in the south of Podvosto and is an important location to search. It is straightforward to identify because it is situated on an island. If you want to loot first before going to a gunfight, then this area is not for you. This is one of the most active landing spots on the map, and you will barely land here without company, so you better prepare yourselves because as soon as the other players get their gears on, this place will be lit.

2. Cosmodrome

Screenshot by Gamepur

Towards the East, after crossing the bridge, if you are walking from Zabava, you will reach Cosmodrome. This area is pretty big and offers a lot of loot. The only catch is that the loot in this area is scattered, so you really have to run around and get all of them. If you want to land in a safer but more abundant item area, Cosmodrome is the right place for you.

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3. Dobro Mesto

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you are heading west, Dobro Mesto should be your first choice to land. This place has many houses you can explore to get the best loot in Vikendi. Land near the fountain and explore the houses on its right. A lot of loot is inside the houses; you will get vests, Shotguns, Rifles, and other items. Buildings marked with a red arrow on the map are important to look at first. The second arrow in the above image takes you to the upper floor of the big building, where a lot of loot has scattered on the floor and in racks. Keep this a priority if you land in this region.

4. Goroka

Screenshot by Gamepur

Goroka is one of the major towns in Vikendi. This place is one of the best landing spots if you’re an aggressive player. This spot, however, is unlike any other major drop spot on this map because terrain plays an important role here. Goroka got some high terrains, so whoever controls the higher part of the town, gets the kills.