Rage 2 – Gazcatraz Ark Chests Locations

To get powerful in Rage 2, you will want to get your hands on the Ark Chests, and the precious upgrades they contain. One such set of chests can be found at Gazcatraz. After reaching the Gunbarrel settlement, you will be able to pick up missions from some of the people there. One such mission is to head to Gazcatraz and deal with the bandits who call it home. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Gazcatraz Ark Chests.

Gazcatraz Ark Chests Locations

Gazcatraz Ark Chest 1

There are two Ark Chests hidden at Gazcatraz. When you first pull up to the hideout, you will see a large gate in front of you. While you can double jump over this, ignore it for now. Instead, head to the right, through the broken wall. Drop down, kill any bandit you see. Follow the path around until you reach a low, open-walled hangar. Take a left directly after it, and walk down the narrow lane. Turn left again, and you should see a pile of debris, old tires, and wrecked cars. The first Ark Chest can be found in a small room right beside the large pile of debris. This is shown in the image above.

Gazcatraz Ark Chest 2

The second Ark Chest is a little further into the camp. From where you find the first chest, follow the path that runs along the directly under the large metal pipe. It will lead you to a build with three red Xs on the inner wall of the ground floor. Head up the staircase in that building, and you will find the second Ark Chest at the top of the stairs. In the screenshot above you can see what the outside of the building that contains the second Ark Chest looks like. It is a very small camp, so it shouldn’t take you very long to clear it out and grab both chests.