Rage 2: How to Unlock the Grav-Dart Launcher

 Rage 2: How to Unlock the Grav-Dart Launcher

Some of Rage 2’s weapons seem to be there more because they’re fun to play with that because they’re effective. The Grav-Dart Launcher may be the best example of that. It’s a blast to use, letting you toss enemies around like rag dolls, but in most cases, it’s a far less efficient tool than your standard assault rifle or shotgun. It may not be your go-to in critical fights, but unlocking the Grav-Dart Launcher gives you a fun way to keep battles against lesser enemies fresh.

Map with Needle Falls Ark marked

You can find the Grav-Dart Launcher at Needle Falls Ark in The Wilds, just across the border from Broken Tract. It may not look like it from the map, but it’s actually sort of tough to reach this one. The Ark itself is at a small outcropping over a massive cliff, and your ground approach runs through a stretch of rough terrain full surrounded by ruined buildings and scattered with debris that makes driving difficult. The best way to reach it is to fly the Icarus straight from Wellspring a short distance away, but if you’d rather stay on the ground, there’s a road from Wellspring that will bring you straight to the ruins around the Ark, and you can approach on foot from there.

The area directly around the Ark is empty of enemies, but once you step on the plateau that holds the Ark, an Authority dropship will fly by, bringing a handful of mutants and a super soldier. Take out the mutants quickly, then use the fairly large area you’re fighting on to dodge the super soldier’s melee attacks and keep peppering him with fire to break his shields. If he gets close enough to the edge of the plateau, you can even knock him off with your shotgun’s alternate fire.

Inside the Ark, you’ll find the Grav-Dart Launcher. You can use it to fill your enemies with quills, then trigger the alternate fire to launch them in whatever direction you’re aiming. It can be useful for slamming slow-moving enemies into each other, flinging explosive barrels around, or launching your foes into the void when you’re fighting on a cliff, but mostly it’s just a fun way to screw around.