Will Rage 2 Come to the Nintendo Switch? | Everything We Know

 Will Rage 2 Come to the Nintendo Switch? | Everything We Know

Rage 2 hits the market this week, and players can purchase it for their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC, right now. However, while many are enjoying on a variety of different devices, it’s a safe bet to ask if there’s any planned release for the Nintendo Switch? More and more games have found their way to Nintendo’s portable console, but not every triple-A game can make its way over. Here’s what we know about it and when Rage 2 is going to release for the Nintendo Switch.

Rage 2 Nintendo Switch Details

Are There Rage 2 Plans for the Nintendo Switch?

Back in August 2018, id Software spoke about Rage 2 at QuakeCon. There they broke down how they were considering bringing the neon-filled apocalyptic title to the Nintendo Switch. They explained they needed to look at the Nintendo Switch’s technology and decide if it was a good move for them. Everything was on the table, as far as the id Software developers figured. They want to bring Rage 2 to as many devices as possible, granting all of their fans flexibility when it came to playing the game.

Those thoughts were back in August of 2018. Fast forward to earlier this year in February, and the developers were approached regarding the question once more. This brief interview happened Polygon spoke to one of the developers at a bar in Manhattan, and they merely said the topic was still being, “investigated,” at the time. That’s not much to go on.

But it looks like it was not enough and did not favor id Software because they did not decide to bring Rage 2 to the Nintendo Switch. This announcement came out in early April, from Dualshockers, who spoke with id Software studio director Tim Willits. Willits explained that while they wanted to do it, it was the technology of the Switch that was holding them back. For Nintendo to make the console portable, they were not able to place as much horsepower as the other consoles traditionally come with out of the box.

Id Software has gone on the record to say they do not have plans to bring it to the Nintendo Switch at this time. However, they could be convinced to do so in the future, should Nintendo come out with strong a bit stronger than the Switch’s current hardware. What this could mean is that Nintendo may have more reason to release a brand new Switch model at E3 later this year. We speculated on that, and if Microsoft may also follow that trend given Sony won’t be there holding a conference.

While you can’t play Rage 2 on the Nintendo Switch, you can play it for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, right now.