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Arthur unlocked Legendary Animals Locations in the last mission Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. It was your choice in the end where you want to fight the bear to leave it. It is best to progress to the main story once you are upgraded enough you can fight with these strong animals. The next mission Who Is Not Without Sin is available at the Horseshoe Overlook camp. On the south side of the camp you will have to locate Flatneck Station, where you will find Reverend Swanson who playing cards with his friends. Just talk to him to start this mission.

Who Is Not Without Sin Walkthrough

Who Is Not Without Sin Walkthrough

For the gold medal you will have to win 2 hands of Poker and return to the camp with Reverend within 2 minutes 5 seconds.

Play Poker

Reverend is drunk and when is trying to leave the table the other people will tell him to stop and complete the game. As he passes out you will have to play on his place. You can exit anytime you want to continue towards the camp. Once you start playing you will see the bet amount on the bottom left of the screen. You can raise by hitting X and continue playing. Once you start playing Reverend will leave the place and you will have to find him.

Find Reverend Swanson


Talk to the two men on the right of the house and they will point you a direction. Look for a tree with huge trunk on your left and walk on its east you will find main scuffling with drunken Reverend. You will have to fight him. There will be a witness near the ships and he will run away. You have to stop him or else you will fail the mission. You can either chase the main down or shoot him. Once you are near press the Triangle/L2 key to stop the man. Now you have options to Threaten, Aim Weapon and Beat the stranger.


Threaten him is the best way and then you will spot Reverend on the train tracks far from your location. You have to run always the way towards track to stop him. He will be standing in the mid of the tracks because his leg is stuck. And from distance you will see the approaching train. Reverend will be sorry for his actions and he will pass out. Put him on the back of your horse and carry him to the camp.

Follow the yellow tracks that will lead you to a tent where you will have to drop him on his bed. Refer the mini map for the tent locations. Place him and the objective is over. You can continue reading walkthrough on the next main mission Money Lending and Other Sins. To start this mission talks to Strauss at the camp.

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