Red Dead Online Blackbone Forest Treasure Chest Location Guide

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Guide on exact map locations of all Four Treasure Chest in Blackbone Forest Treasure Quest of RDR2 Online and tips on how to search for Treasure Chest.

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RDR2 Online Blackbone Forest Treasure Quest Guide gives you all four Treasure chest locations with map images. The lockbox/chest is hidden in a large area, in this guide you can find tips and ways to find it easily scattered around forest and valleys.

Blackbone Forest Treasure Chest Location

How To Find Blackbone Forest Treasure

After opening the map there are four locations to search, each has a chest. There are certain points to remember before you start finding them.

How To Search For The Treasure Chest

There are 4 Treasures Chest, common things you will find in them is money and gold. All chests are secluded in nooks and corners or rocks or trees. It is not that hard to locate if you know where to look. I am adding some important points you can remember while searching, it will save your time.

  • Reach Rank 15 and visit the post office to collect the treasure map, open your Satchel and go to the Documents section to pick the Map. This will start the treasure hunt.
  • The controller will start vibrating once you are somewhere near to the chance, the vibration indicates you are looking in the right direction. The vibration will intensify nearest to the chest.
  • Once the controller starts vibrating activate Eagle Eye, and scan the region. Look for a golden dust, the chest will also glow in gold.

Blackbone Forest Treasure Chest Locations

Below are the map locations of each Treasure Chest you can find in RDR2 Online on Blackbone Forest Treasure Quest.

Treasure Chest 1:


This one will appear as soon as you pick the map and start the quest from the Satchel. Ride to the marked location which west ends of the map. Starting from the on the northwest side, look for a curve, and walk right. Search for a decayed hollow tree trunk, the chest is placed inside it.

Treasure Chest 2:


For this chest, travel below the below not far, you will have to find a dead tree. Search around using Eagle Eye to find it. It is not that hard to locate.

Treasure Chest 3:


For this one travel below the alphabet B, and search for a big tree stump. The chest is kept inside the trunk. You will have to look for an area with a lot of broken decayed trees. Look for a thickest decayed tree stump. The chest is placed inside the stump.

Treasure Chest 4:


You have to go to the other side of the road that divides the above three Treasure chest and this final one. There is a big curved road, you have to walk straight to the left side. Continue walking and you will see a region with grass, rocks, and trees. It is a kind of open region with small valleys, search for a couple of rock near a tree. The treasure chest is placed between the rocks.

Hope the above four map location will save your time in finding all 4 chests to complete Blackbone Forest Treasure quest.

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