Red Dead Online: How To Rob A Train

 Red Dead Online: How To Rob A Train

One of the Red Dead Redemption 2’s most loved things is certainly trains: means of transportation to move quickly – and safely – along with the game map and source of money in case we decide to organize a train robbery. Many people, therefore, wonder how the trains work in Red Dead Online: the purpose of this guide is exactly to help understand it.

How To Rob A Train

How trains work in the singleplayer mode

In the singleplayer section of the game, trains are intended primarily as a means of transport: you just have to buy a ticket and they will transport you safely from one side of the map to another. The advantage is clear: trips are easier and you avoid finding bandits or wild animals as happens during the solitary rides (if you don’t want to spend money, you could also steal a train and drive it yourself, we certainly will not tell you how you should behave).

Trains, however, can also be seen as an economic income: if you rob one you can earn a buck in a blink of an eye, just defeating the few guards and demolishing the safe, stealing whatever is inside.

How To Rob A Train In Red Dead Online

Unfortunately – we tell you with no frills – all of this is not possible in Red Dead Online because, simply, there are no passenger trains. The only trains you will encounter in the game are freight trains and if you see one moving it is because another player is driving it. Yes, they contain a few items here and there but they are things of little value (and there are neither a safe nor people to be robbed).

In any case, we are sure you will find other ways to earn money easily in Red Dead Online (few of them are listed below), there is no shortage of things to do, we assure you.