Red Dead Online Infamous Bounties guide: Roache

Time to take down another one of Saint Denis’ worst criminals.

Image via Rockstar

There are plenty of outlaws for players to track down as bounty hunters in Red Dead: Online. Some are much more dangerous than others, requiring their own mission to go after them. Others are simply infamous and involve multiple targets. These infamous bounties are spread out across every region of the West and earn players a nice buck if they decide to follow through on them all. Here’s how you can pick up one such infamous bounty target, Roache.

Buy the Prestigious Bounty Hunter license

First off, you’ll need to fork over a bit of gold to unlock this bounty. Regular bounty hunters don’t have the grit. Only prestigious bounty hunters can take down Roache and his two nefarious compatriots. To get this bounty hunter license, just head to any bounty board with 15 gold bars in tow. Once you have it, you’re off to the races.

Track down Roache

Like his partner Gault, Roache operates out of Saint Denis. Players will have to head there to pick up the bounty on his head. Once you have it, you will be sent to the shack where Roache was last seen. A stranger will be waiting there to tell you that Roache knows you were coming. The stranger was paid to mislead you but would rather help. He directs you back to the city, saying that Roache is currently hunting down a sickly man to sell their body to doctors. 

Capture and deliver

Follow the path to Roache’s location. Once you arrive, you’ll find him strangling the assumedly sick man. Stopping him before he can kill the civilian is easy, and capturing him even easier. Simply take out your lasso and run up on Roache; he won’t even try to stop you or run away. Once he’s hogtied, you can get to the police station however you want. Roache might not be popular because nobody comes to his rescue. Deliver him to the station and claim your reward.