How To Make Money Fast In Red Dead Online | 5 Best Ways

 How To Make Money Fast In Red Dead Online | 5 Best Ways

RDR2 Online make money fast guide brings you top five methods to earn regular cash rewards. They are PvP Modes, Hunting & Fishing, attacking Gang Hideouts, Treasure Map Gold Bar Hunt and Story Missions. Each method is explained in detail with what to do to get Dollars. You can do some of the best objectives to get a high cash reward. The guide is sorted from fastest & dangerous method to slowest and safest.

RDR2 Online Best Ways To Make Money

How To Make Money Fast | PvP Challenges, Hunting Glitches, Gold Bar Map & More.

The guide to make money fast in RDR Online is sorted from fastest way to slowest and safest methods. The first is the quickest way to earn money and then it continues with others methods that require more time and you don’t die frequently.

RDR2 Online Play Different PvP Modes To Earn Money Fast

Wait for the game intro and then you will be able to access the Free Roam Menu. Go to Series and you will see different PvP modes. Like Shootout & Team Shootout, Make It Count, Most Wanted, Hostile Territory & Name Your Weapon. This section is for a skilled player that will help you to earn instant cash by just playing short missions. Below are some highlights.

  1. Shootout & Team Shootout – You don’t die, just respawn. Get most kills before the timer ends. It requires a lot of combat skills, a player who gets max kill earns a cash reward.
  2. Make It Count – Remember PUBG, this is something similar. Fight other players in two game modes, choose to use an only bow and some arrows or go with throwing knives on the opponents. Player area will keep on sinking compressing players near to each other, the last man standing wins the match.
  3. Most Wanted – You will earn points on killing players in this. Players who survive for a long time has the highest point on their head, you have to take down first to reach on the top of the scoreboard.
  4. Hostile Territory – This is Capture a Flag mode, if you had played Battlefield or COD type games then this is not something new. Your team has to control an area by capturing it, the team with the highest point wins the mode.
  5. Name Your Weapon – This one is available for all, a free-for-all mode where you will be playing in a team. The toughest kill you get the higher points you will earn. It is competitive and a money making a machine for skilled players. For example, the rifle will give you 1 point, an explosive bow and arrow can reward you upto 9 and so on.
  6. Series Playlist – In this section of RDR2 online you can pick from Showdown Series, Showdown Series Large and Race Series. This is also a good place to get some cash, the matches can consume up to 10 minutes, but you can make around $4 to $10 or higher.

RDR2 Online Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and Fishing can be boring but fall under a safe yet slow way of making money. Some aspects of Hunting are highly rewarding. For example go to Blackwaters and explore the open grassy region. You will find tons of animals in this place, like Bison, Bucks, Rabbits, etc. Your hunting will be affected on the basis of weapon you are using, so you have to upgrade them once you get money. Cougar is a rare and very costly animal, it can offer you a good amount of money at merchant. You can sell horns, meat, pelts, etc. You can easily track down a shopkeeper in Blackwaters. You can play a continuous loop of Hunting down animals, skinning them for items and then riding back to the shopkeeper in exchange of cash. Fishing is the second one you can try if you are too bored with Hunting, but it is only beneficial enough if you can catch a big fish.

RDR2 Online Gang Hideouts

RDR2 Online also features Gang Hideouts similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Mode. You can kill the gang members and loot down everything from bodies to camps. They are scattered all around the map, but remember you won’t be invited here as a friend, so be prepared with weapons, supplies and medicines before you decide to ambush a gang. Don’t forget to loot the bodies of dead gang members, there are max chance you might get a valuable item like jewelry or any unique item that can fetch between $5 to $15 by selling them at Fences.

RDR2 Online Treasure Map – Gold Mission

Who doesn’t like Gold, the shiny expensive metal is a way to the jackpot. Remember Gold bars are highly valuable items and hard to get to use them wisely. There are two ways to get Gold, first is playing Story Mission ’s in RDR2 Online which can take around 4 to 5 hours of your time and few-mission in it can reward you gold. You can easily make between $100 to $200 after spending so much time. Second is playing Treasure Maps. In Free Roam, you can collect treasure maps and complete them to ear Gold Bar. Till now we are able to track down three maps in Free Roam. Each map has a rank requirement and you have to visit the Post Office and talk to clear for the map. Use Eagle Eye to locate the chest.

  • Bard’s Crossing Treasure Map: West Of Flatneck Station near the river area. Rank 10.
  • Blackbone Forest Treasure Map: West end of West Elizabeth County in Big Valley region search in Black Bone Forest. Rank 15.
  • Bluewater Mash Treasure Map: Between Bluewater Marsh and Lagras, there are some small islands. You will have to search the marshy region. Rank 20.

RDR2 Online Story missions

RDR2 Online has a story mission similar to the offline version. It begins once you are done with customization and completed watching the intro video. The entire story mode can take around 4 to 5 hours depending on how you play. Avoid looting bodies, there is nothing much you can find, but once you are done you will end up with some decent cash in your hand.

The above methods can definitely help you to earn money fast in the game. Along with this do have a look on Gold Belt Buckle challenges, complete them and you can sell them later for money. If you got a chance to board a train then explores every compartment for items. You can also sell them for money.

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