Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties Guide: Sergio Vincenza

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It’s a brand new week, and you know what that means, a brand new Legendary Bounty for you to hunt down in Red Dead Online, my fellow Bounty Hunters, and this one, well, this one’s a doozy. Before we go any further though, a quick apology from yours truly as I wasn’t around last week due to moving home and waiting for my interweb to be reconnected, so I missed out on bringing you a guide to the best of the four bounties available so far, The Owlhoot Family.

I did manage to play through this yesterday, however, and have got to say that it’s been the best of the bunch so far, and that includes today’s offering, so I hope you all managed to round them up alive and bring them in for the highest reward possible. Unfortunately, I may have killed a couple of them by mistake before I realized that I could lasso them so as not to riddle their bodies with bullets. Ah well, live and learn.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties Guide: Sergio Vincenza

Anyway, without further ado, here is this week’s guide to bringing in Red Dead Online’s Legendary Bounty: Sergio Vincenza.

*Obviously, Spoilers Ahead If You Haven’t Completed This Yet*

The Set-Up

According to his Wanted Poster, as well as the small film that you get at the start of each of these, Sergio Vincenza is a Terrorist who is wanted for Promoting Anarchy as well as attempted Political Assassination. It also warns you to approach with Extreme Caution because he used to be a Military Sharpshooter. I will tell you now, take this warning to heart, especially if you’re going to be taking this mission on by yourself as I did. Otherwise, you are going to be in for a bad time.

It also says that he was last seen somewhere by Roanoke Ridge, but don’t worry about having to travel that far because the game, as always, drops you off there and this time, right outside his camp.

Taking Sergio Vincenza Down

This is not easy, not by any stretch of the imagination, and if you are playing alone, or even if you’re traveling with friends or in a posse, there is a fair chance that you are going to die a lot. This is all down to the fact that Sergio Vincenza isn’t the only sniper in the camp and even though the game warns you that when the crack marksmen have you in their sights, the screen will flash, it doesn’t matter as these assholes seem to be able to shoot around corners. Honestly, it took me four attempts to bring him down

It also doesn’t help that his camp is about three times as big as it initially seems, which means that as you’re always on the move to find decent enough cover to hide behind you’ll find yourself stumbling over whole groups of guards that will just come running out of the trees, abandoned houses, and generally shrubbery. The problem here is that you really won’t see the bullet that kills you as these surprize and unwanted foes pop up out of nowhere.

Your best bet here is to go to the farthest point from his tower and work your way around, taking out as many as you can with your knife before having to resort to guns because as soon as you go loud, everyone and their grandma is on you. When you do have to go loud I advise to look for any red barrels or boxes and shoot the shit out of them as the resulting explosions will take out a few bad guys for you but also be aware of where you’re crouching for cover, as one well-placed sniper bullet can ruin your game with a huge boom.

If you stay alive long enough and don’t break your controller or TV out of sheer frustration, then you’ll make your up the tower and get the chance to shoot Sergio Vincenza, before being given the option to take him in alive or dead and even though it’s bloody tempting to just execute the son-of-a-bitch for all the hassle he’s just caused you, dead bounties don’t pay as well as live ones so forgo the temptation, if you can.

Taking Sergio Vincenza In

Considering what you’ve just been through, this is nowhere near as bad, even if it’s somewhat annoying. Just like in the first Legendary Bounty: Barbarella Alcazar, Sergio Vincenza’s people aren’t just going to let you take their leader off to jail. They throw people at you, and there’s a fair few of them as well, but if you’ve done the Barbarella Alcazar mission, then you know what to expect. Just keep firing and sooner or later they’ll run out of bodies. With that done, you can take him to the nearest jail, where he can rot in a cell until they hang him while you go off to spend your very hard-earned money.

Final Thoughts

There are no two ways about this; this is an asshole of a mission. It’s frustrating as hell if you’re playing solo and I have no doubt it has had those who have chosen to team up with others screaming profanities into their mics and at their TV’s when once again a random bullet from previously unforeseen member of Vincena’s gang has either laid them out or, worse, taken out one of their team-mates at the cost of their last team life.

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or not but it does seem that Rockstar is developing a pattern here when it comes to their Legendary Bounties and even though we’ve only had four so far it does seem that the even numbers, such as two and four, are shaping up to be a let-down whereas the odd numbers, such as one and three, are turning out to be brilliant, well thought through set-pieces that fully encapsulate what you want out of the Bounty Hunting experience.

As I said, it may just be a coincidence, but I can’t help but find myself looking forward to when the fifth Legendary Bounty lands next week.