Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: The Wolf Man


This week’s new update to Red Dead Online sees a brand new Legendary Bounty for all you Bounty Hunter’s our there to get their teeth into. It is so new that I’ve had to go with a stock photo of the Red Dead Online logo instead of an actual representation of the person involved, The Wolf Man.

It’s also kind of “Meh” considering last week’s offering was the absolutely brutal Barbarella Alcazar and it left me kind of disappointed that it took me about five to ten minutes to bring this guy to justice, but I’m nothing if not thorough, so just as I did for the first Legendary Bounty here’s a guide to second, The Wolf Man.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: The Wolf Man

*Obviously, Spoilers Ahead If You Haven’t Completed This Yet*

The Set-Up

The Wolf Man is a man who, well, lives with wolves. He’s wanted for multiple counts of murder and is presented to you as one of the worst son-bi**hes ever to walk the face of the planet. You’re told that there are only two ways that this is going to go and that he needs to be brought to justice, one way or another.

The poster also warns you that you need predator bait to complete this Legendary Bounty, but that’s the proverbial horse shite, so don’t worry about that, but after you’ve seen the brilliant little movie Rockstar seem to be putting together for all of these you’ll find yourself deposited at Isabella Lake and told to go and check out three different places he could be.

Taking The Wolf Man Down

It doesn’t matter which point you decide to go and investigate first; he’s always going to be at the last one. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve no winter clothing on your horse or equipped to you as the weather doesn’t affect you until after the mission is complete and you try to get off the mountain. Pick a point and head to it. On the way you’ll be attacked by wolves but don’t worry, a quick bullet to the head stops them dead in their tracks, quite literally. Eventually, you’ll find him sat at one of his camps, surrounded by a pack of wolves. What sounds like it could be a bad situation can easily be defused as long as you shoot The Wolf Man as quickly as you can, thus leaving you time to concentrate on his pets as he lays bleeding on the floor. Dispatch them, and you get the usual choice to either execute The Wolf Man or hogtie him and take him in alive. As always, dead bounties aren’t worth as much as live ones, so try no to kill him.

Taking The Wolf Man In

When he’s trussed up like a turkey (sure I used that line last week), you’ll be given directions to either a prison wagon or the nearest jail. I got a prison wagon, so it was just a case of following the guidelines to the meetup point to drop him off. On the way, you will be attacked but unlike last week where you had to fight for your life against wave after wave of outlaw’s, this time out its just wolves. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to go mano-a-mano with any of them in real life, but on horseback with a repeater? Well, it’s just not a fair fight. Kill anything that moves, and you’ll soon find yourself at your destination and $50.00 and a fist full of gold better off.

Final Thoughts

After the introduction of Legendary Bounties last week with Barbarella Alcazar, I think Rockstar might have set the bar a little too high. Where the showdown with The Queen of the Del Lobos was a firefight of epic proportions, high octane cowboy rooting-tooting fun, this week’s The Wolf Man is just a letdown. I get the fact that the guy lives with wild animals and isn’t part of our society as he loves to tell you on the way to his own hanging, but if he’d had some backup, he wouldn’t have been taken in so easy. The most challenging part of this whole thing is trying not to feel bad about the piles of wolf corpses that you leave behind you as you do your job. Other than that, it’s only a one-star at best and only worth doing because it’s a Legendary Bounty. Here’s hoping next weeks has a Gatling gun for company.