The Delights Of Van Horn Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 The Delights Of Van Horn Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

In the last mission A Rage Unleashed, Dutch agrees to help Eagle Flies to retrieve his horses which is robbed by the army men. For the next mission – The Delights Of Van Horn, you will have to talk to Micah. He is at Van Horn Trading Post. He will tell Arthur and Bill to rob a wagon carrying Dynamites.

The Delights Of Van Horn Walkthrough

The Delights Of Van Horn Walkthrough

To earn Gold you will need 5 headshots using a long scoped rifle and complete everything with 85% accuracy.

Follow Bill To The Ambush Location | The Delights Of Van Horn


Once you reach the port and talk to Micah he will tell you and Bill to rob the coach full of explosives. Follow Bill, there will be few Pinkerton Patrols, but both of you will be able to avoid it. After reaching the location there will be a cutscene where Bill tells a plan, he will tell Arthur to play dead so he can take care guards. But Arthur will suggest Bills to play dead, walk towards your position. It’s in the house on your right.

Wait For Bill To Attack | The Delights Of Van Horn


After taking the position you will have to wait for bill’s signal. For Gold Medal, you will need 5 headshots with a long scoped rifle. This is easier to accomplish using Dead Eye, but for Gold, you will need to use the Long Scope rifle. If you are all set to use the weapon, look through the scope and check the guard’s position. One of the guards will come near to check Bill. Once the fight begins to take down the guards.

Get To The Wagon | The Delights Of Van Horn


After clearing all of them to get outside the building and kill any remaining one. Bill will drive the wagon and you will have to kill the pursuers. For Gold Medal, you will need 85% accuracy. This is the point where you can use Dead Eye, to kill the horse riders. The mini-map will turn red and more pursuers will chase you. Look for the red dots for their locations, they will be usually in a group of three or more.

If you have enough Snake Oil then you can use Dead Eye to kill multiple targets. There will be around four waves of attack until Bill and Arthur will finally escape. If you choose to swap driver then follow the yellow sign, or else bill will drive the wagon. You will meet Micah at the yellow spot, he will, in the end, tell you to meet John. This completes the mission, to meet John you will have to go to Bacchus Station which is next to Rain Falls. Visit there first to play Archeology for Beginners mission.

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