No, No and Thrice, No Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

 No, No and Thrice, No Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

After getting Jack back from Angelo Bronte, Dutch and Arthur return back to the camp. The people celebrated the night in the last chapter Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor. To start the next mission No, No and Thrice, No, talk to Mary-Beth at the camp. She is sitting near a wagon. In No, No and Thrice, No mission you will have to save Tilly from Forman brothers.

No, No and Thrice, No Walkthrough

No, No and Thrice, No Walkthrough

For Gold Medal you will need to kill both the Foreman boys while they are chasing it and finish the mission with 90 % Accuracy.

Go To Radley’s House | No, No and Thrice, No


While talking to her, Miss Grimshaw will interrupt you and tell you about Tilly who is abducted by the Foreman Brothers. Arthur and Miss Grimshaw will ride to Radley’s house, where a guard will block your path. Miss Grimshaw will kill the guard, go inside the house and shoot the man. Turn right and break the door. You will see Tilly is tied to a bed, shoot the man with rifle firs and then Cut Free her. In the cutscene Miss Grimshaw will console Tilly and she will tell you the location of the left gang members.

Chase Foremans | No, No and Thrice, No


Miss Grimshaw will grab a gun and she will ride with Arthur. You have to chase the escaping gang members. Follow the mini-map and run towards the red dots. They are the one you have to chase and kill. You will need to kill two Foreman on the horseback for Gold Medal. You have to shoot and kill the gang member if Miss Grimshaw did this you will lose your chance for the Gold Medal.

Catch Anthony foreman | No, No and Thrice, No

After killing the gang members you will have to chase Anthony Foreman. Look for a big red dot on the mini-map. Chase and lasso him, once you are near enough you can catch this man and take him back to Tilly. Carry him on the back of your horse and Miss Grimshaw will return to Tilly to find whether she is ok. Anthony Foreman will tell Arthur that Tilly killed his cousin.

Kill Or Spare Anthony | No, No and Thrice, No

Back at the house where Tilly was kept, you will see a cutscene where Tilly is pretty angry. She wants Anthony to go away and leave Tilly alone, while Miss Grimshaw will tell to kill him. Anthony will agree to leave Tilly alone so now it is on you to whether to kill or spare him.

Pick any one choice to complete the mission, the next one you can play is The Gilded Cage. To start this mission locate Hosea in the camp. For more updates on the game, you can also read our Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki guide.