Outlaws From The West Walkthrough – Red Dead Redemption 2

 Outlaws From The West Walkthrough – Red Dead Redemption 2

First main mission Outlaws of the West of Chapter 1 Colter begins after a short cutscene where you will see the caravan wandering in the icy mountains to find shelter. Almost all missions in the first chapter focus more on tutorials. If you play the main objectives only you will learn almost everything that you can do later on in the game. You will play as the main character Arthur Morgan who is the senior member of the gang. Every mission rewards you medals, you can see the objectives in the mission log. You can earn Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

RDR 2 Outlaws From The West Walkthrough

RDR 2 Outlaws From The West Walkthrough

The gang finds an old mine where your people can take shelter. They will mourn the death of their gang member and later the mission begins where you will be going with your allies to fetch supplies for the people. Follow Dutch through the snow, you will learn to control the horse. Look at the bottom right of the screen to see prompts for interacting with the environment. Like talking with people, picking up the items, beating the shit out of people, etc. While following Dutch you will see the controls prompt on the screen depending on the platform you are using.

Horse Controls

  • Left Stick – Control direction.
  • Hold X/A – Maintain pace.
  • Double Tap X/A – Ride Faster.
  • R1 – Slow down.
  • L2 – Speak to riders around you.
  • Touchpad – Switch between first and third person view.
  • Triangle – Hitch horse to the hitching post.


After a short while, you will meet Micah who will tell you about a house. Follow him and hitch the horse outside by pressing Triangle/Y. Follow Dutch next and Micah will tell you to hide as he talks with the people in the house for help. You have to walk left towards the cattle shed and press R1 to hide. Dutch will start talking with the people inside in the meantime Micah discovers a dead body in the wagon where he is hiding. You will have to help Dutch, press L1 to open the Weapons wheel. Select the revolve from it and press L2 to aim at the man who is standing nearest to Dutch and press R2 to shoot when they recognize him.

Weapons Controls

  • L1 – Open Weapon Wheel.
  • L2 – Aim at the enemy.
  • R2 – Shoot.

The minimap on the left bottom of the screen will give you the direction of enemies, look the red threat indicator on it. You will also spot another icon of heart which a circle on it. It’s your health bar and health core. The core depletes with time you have to eat to refill them. Kill the enemies and leave the one who runs away. There is no use of chasing, follow Dutch inside the house. Properly check every nook and corner in the house to gather food, medical supplies, bullets etc. You will have to refill your Health Core by eating some Oatcakes. You will need to open your Satchel to consume the supplies. Higher quality food will restore a higher amount of health. Below is the list of things you can find.

  • Classic Oatcakes – On the right corner of the fireplace there is a small table with a lamp on it.
  • Baked Beans – Near the two windows on the left as you enter.
  • Canned Peaches & Assorted Biscuits – Shelve below where you find the above item.
  • Canned Sweetcorn – Inside the cabinet in the kitchen area.
  • Health Cure – Look in the cabinet placed on the left corner behind the stairs.
  • Dollars – Look in the chest near the bed.
  • Regular Revolver Cartridges – Climb up and look at the table near the window.


Go outside and Dutch will tell you to look into a barn. It is located on the far left side of the house. To earn a gold medal for this mission you have to loot each and everything in the house. You will be attacked by one of the gang members who is hiding in the barn. There will be a fist fight. Press the circle key to hit. After hitting the O’Driscoll you will see multiple choices on the bottom right of the screen. Hit Triangle to interrogate. Press Circle to beat him, if you hit him more than three times he will die. Question the man and then you will have an option to kill him or spare him.

If you spare him you will meet him again in the later mission during mission Old Friends and in Chapter 2 Horseshoe Overlook Mission 6 – Paying a Social Call. So it is necessary to spare him. Collect the gun and hat and pat the horse. Take the animal outside and hitch him. You will hear a woman’s voice, she is the wife of the person who’s dead body you notice outside. After convincing her you have to take her to your camp.

The mission Outlaws of the West of Chapter 1 Colter is over here. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission of this chapter – Enter, Pursued By A Memory.

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