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Red Dead Redemption 2 | Paying a Social Call Walkthrough

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In Mission Paying a Social Call Walkthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2, you will attack a O’Driscolls camp to kill Colm.

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In the previous mission Money Lending and Other Sins Strauss gave you a task of recovering money from debtors. After successfully doing that you can play the next main mission Paying a Social Call. To trigger this one you have to talk to the person who is tied on the tree. He is the same guy whom you spared at Alder’s house in the first mission Outlaws from the West of Chapter 1 Colter. You had caught in back in Mission 4 – Old Friends after attacking O’Driscolls camp and dragged him on the back of your horse. Talking to him will trigger the mission Paying a Social Call.

Paying a Social Call Walkthrough

Paying a Social Call Walkthrough

For the gold medal you will have to fulfill multiple requirements. Quietly killing 4 O’Driscolls, 12 headshots, 80% accuracy and not using any health items for mission completion.

Interrogate Kieren

Once you talk to the main there will be a cutscene where Dutch will interrogate the man for information. After threatening him a bit he will start speaking. He will tell the gang is at Six Point Cabin. Follow Kieren and he will take you over the hill. Amount the horse and take the kin eves from the saddlebag.

Silently Kill Three O’Driscolls


After you are on foot Kieren will tell you to walk quietly and you will see a cutscene where you will spot three gang members in the trees. You will have to kill them silently. Kill the first one on the right you is peeing near the tree. The other two will be on your left. You can use a bow and arrow to kill the isolated one on the right. For the other two point your knife on the head and throw it. One of your gang member will also target at the same time. Your next target is another gang member who is sitting on the log, once again you have to kill him silently. Send John to deal with the enemy.

Fight O’Driscolls

Anyhow there will be a firefight, but you can take down the enemies on the edges silently. After killing on the one the log, look on the left corner and you will spot another one sitting alone near the big rocks. You can shoot him with a arrow. A second one on far side you can spot him from the tree log on the left. Return to John’s location and activate Dead Dye and mark atleast 3 to 4 enemies at a single time. This will help you to kill multiple enemies in one shot. Look towards the tent and you will spot the gang members, once the fight begins they will disperse. You will need to find a good space to cover. There is a cart you can use. After killing them all loot the bodies and go to the house to search it.

This will trigger a cutscene where a O’Driscoll will attack you who are hiding behind the door. But surprisingly Kieren will save you. Arthur will be frustrated not to find Colm but Bill and John will convince the boy is not a threat. Arthur will try to release but Kieren will insist to join the gang. He will inform you that there is some cash in the Chimney.

Loot The House

You can find the following things in the cabin:

  • Double Barreled Shotgun – Use some gun oil to clean it and boost its statistics. The gun is below the deer skull on the chimney.
  • $600 – Search the chimney for cash.

The mission Paying a Social Call is over once you take the cash. Return back to the camp and you will earn $100 once you deposit in the camp fund. The next mission is A Quiet Time. You to activate this you will have to talk to Dutch, he is sitting in a tent talking to a women.

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